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5/26/2006 5:35 am

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christening my new house wasn't happening last night.. lol! he came over but all he wanted to do was gab! i swear he just wants to hang out,snuggle and kiss. he's a very nice guy. he's young so its not because he can't get it up. i know he's attracted to me cause he's been chasing me. sooo my new house still needs christened..lol! but i'll probably wait till my kids r gone for the weekend and i'm completely moved too!
have i told everyone about my crappy car? i have the worst luck when it comes to cars..lol...i bought this car in an auction..an elderly man owned it and it hardly had any miles on it,very clean too(till i got it..lol). well it took forever to get the title..lol..like 3 months...lol..really!!! then the transmission went out, fixed that, now the radio won't work(gotta have music! whaahhhh!!!) <----otherwise i'm forced to sing my own music...extremely scary! lol! i sound like alfalfa on crack..lmao! and the muffler is bad,the catalitic converter and my check engine light won't go off! i wanna scream!!!! lmao! but it wouldn't help cause no one cares! lol! and everyone keeps overcharging me to boot...they see me coming..lol..there were other things i had fixed too and the guy charged me outlandish aamounts.r there any honest mechanics out there??? whhhaaahhhh! whats a single,poor mom w/a crappy car to do! *whines*
i just got the last of my kids on the bus...listen................its quiet!!! ohhh i love that sound!!! *sits back..relaxes and sips coffee** mmmmmmmm.....soon..i gotta get back to moving...iknow i've said this before..."BUT I HATE MOVING!!!LOL!
crazy weather we had last night,huh? tornado weather. my 2nd job is a grocery store..i worked last night...i figured w/the crazy storm no one would venture out...we were SWAMPED!!!! lol! *rolls eyes* crazy i tell ya!
i got teased at work yesterday i live in a small time and i think people still don't know how to take the way i dress..lol. i wore my turquoise kimona and chopsticks..and lots of turquoise. most people dress very boring in town and there r some gothic/punk but not many. i get told people think i'm gothic but i don't think i look gothic at all..do u? just because i have dark hair...hhhmmmmmm.....
well i love ya all,keep sending me your wonderful comments! i love them! they always cheer me up!!! hugz and smooches and licks in special places,erotic xoxoox p.s. tag your it!!!!!

zoopc42 48M

5/26/2006 6:48 am

that outfit sounds like it would really make you look hot like kunpow chicken lol

anyhow. I have nto christened my place either,at least ina long while so we could trade

cars, what a pain in the ass. alot of times I go to internet forums and ask them what it sounds like from the syptoms, most are helpful and it gives me an idea what it is so they cant take me for a ride. if I am pretty sure what it is, they don't try to pull a fast one. if you have a male friend to go in for you it also helps alot. might be baised but they take ladies all the time.

ps you could visit my blog and comment too hint hint. I could use the company

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5/26/2006 9:58 am

Well on the car thats a hard thing to deal with. I would check around and see who around your area has the best rep with everyone.As for finding out why the check engine light is on that is easy if you can get to an auto zone they have the control device to check the code or codes that have it going off. Odds are its a fouled plug or a plug wire with a short that is causing a miss to set off the check engine light.
Also when ever one person says it will cost this much to fix this or that check with at least three other places before getting the work done odds are they will try to beat each others price.

That outfit you said you wore at work sounds rather sexy for sure. No you do not look gothic at all exotic yes gothic no. Odds are its the dark hair and the fact you dress different that people just assume gothic lol man people are so closed minded sometime when they see something they think is out of the norm god I know what that is like.

As for not christening the place oh well there loss not yours and like you said maybe you will wait till you are totally settled.

But if you need any help let me know I can be right up there any weekend.

Yes the weather was rather crazy last evening. I love storms and totally enjoyed things last night it is relaxing for me.

Big ol hugs to you. With a lot of licks and nibbles in the right places

rrr45044 62M

5/26/2006 10:24 am

Erotic - love talking to you in chat room. Have fun in the new house.

rm_LONEWOLF992 50M

5/26/2006 10:42 am

Hey there, trust me...I know how much moving sucks lol!
It'll all be over soon enough, then you can get down to breaking in the new place properly lol

elysianpleasure 48M

5/26/2006 3:55 pm

Moving does suck... what is wrong with your guy?

eroticbettyboop 51F

5/26/2006 5:37 pm

r u storm chaser stan? i don't know why he didn't wanna christen it!!! *sob* i'll find someone to help me out..lol! thanx mshunyhole! *hug*kumpow chicken,huh? lmao! thanx! lol!kisses lonewolf! thanx rrr! awww! thanx tazman!

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