Not quite the beginning  

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9/25/2005 11:50 pm

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Not quite the beginning

It's late and I can't sleep so I decided to log on.Then after browsing some, I finally decide to start our blog. Call it a whim, a need to share our experiences, whatever.

The purpose I guess is to chronicle our exploits and encounters as we go along. Being that this is the first entry, well, let me start from the beginning.

It started about 4 years ago. My other half had previously broached the topic of going to a sex club. Now up to that point, the only manner or form which someone else was introduced into our bed was via imagination. So it was a topic that was quickly closed as it was opened. But she was persistant, so eventually I relented on the idea, being that the agreement was nothing had to happen if I or she felt uncomfortable.
so she had heard of a party that was going to take place in lower NYC and we went. Honestly I did not know what to expect.

Well, after picking her up, we drove to lower Manhattan, parked the car and proceeded to walk to the place to where she had gotten the directions for. After we passed through the front door, we descended a flight of staris, which by the way a several couples waiting in line to pay the enterance. I was admittedly nervous, but onward and upward. So as we pay our entrance fee, we recieve two towels and are asked if we had been to an event like this before. We say "no" and given the quarter tour of the premises. It was two floors. The floor that we were on had a couple of rooms located on it, and and balconey area which allowed you to look down on the dance floor. The second floor had the pool, jacuzzi, the dance floor and a locker room. The locker room was unisex as I later found out.

Anyway we went with another couple so soon we were situated at a table along the dance floor.There were couple all around. Some women wearing really exposing outfits others not. My girlfriend had a black number that went low in the back, all the way to her ass. It was great. After some dancing we walked around a bit. there were couple in various stahes of dress. At on point, the group of us were sitting on a bench in one of the open areas on the first floor, I looked to my right and there were meen and women seated in one of the rooms, and their partner in between their legs giving them head. So after watching this for a couple of minute, we all decide to walk around. As we are looming for the rest rooms, we pass one couple who are fucking in public, on top of a bench. Then things started to get a little hot and heavy.

Eventually our little merry band makes it to the pool area. It is an somewhat large sized pool. Allong side it is another smaller pool which is heated. As we sit down, i look towards the smaller pool and see a bucnch of people fucking, sucking, moaning, twisting. Yes folks, it was a live porn scene. Honestly I was turned on by the fact there were people doing it in front of me but terrified by the prospect of doing it myself.

So after ten minutes of watching the other couple decide to go into the pool. My girlfriend and myself are still watching. I think she is anxious, but still holding back because of me. Well, soon afterwards another couple sits down next to us. The are black. The woman had made eye contact with me previously on the dance floor, but not being the one to want to see to much into nything, I had let it go. We start talking. They tell us what they do for a living, we tell them what we do. They spoke French, so I tried to maintain a conversation. We got along rather well. So I broach the topic, asking them if they had done this before. They said no that it was their first time as well. So we laughed about how do you go about asking someone to have sex, etc and etc. So the female asked us if we had wanted to go to the hot tub. I said I was hesitant, and my girlfriend said sure. So we all go to the hot tub area. I said I was going to the bathroom. So I left them there. I walked around a bit, honestly debating whether i was going to do this or not. I was nervous. I even went to get a drink.

So eventually I walk back to the room with a jacuzzi. Now mind you this room was like a rectangle with the jacuzzi occupying the far left corner, an unused steam room along the far right corner, a seating area in the immediate near right corner and a the entrance to the room in the near left corner. there is a reason I bring that up so bear with me. So when I walk into the room, there is really no one in there except for my girlfriend and the other couple. I walk up to the jacuzzi and the woman is seated on the left of my girlfriend, her boyfriend on her right ( I am facing them). I notice through the bubbling water, the woman had her right hand on my girlfriend's pussy, my girlfriend has her right hand on the woman's pussy, the guy is massaging her breasts (my girlfriend's) and she is stroking his cock with her left hand. Now, what do you think I was thinking. Yes, sports fans......I was still debating whether I was going to get in or not. They we imploring me to get in, I was ever so hesitant. I mean I had never done this before...ever. Well at that point, the other woman cups my girlfriend's face with both hands and proceeds to tongue her. My girlfriend reacts by letting go of the guys cock, and starts to run her hands up and down the woman's body. the light from the jacuzzi reflected off of their glistening bodies. It was such a sight to see...that both the other woman's boyfriend and myself watched. At that point I decided to go and get undressed.

Well, let me leave the story as it is now. More to follow if you guys ask.

rm_needy1130 62M
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9/26/2005 6:47 am

Wow man,you are lucky to get that oppertunity.I would love to try that and see another couple fondle my wife.It sounds like she was having a good time

MrAndMrsSeeker 29M/29F

3/22/2006 7:32 pm

This was so descriptive I felt as if I were there with you. We have never done that before but it sure sounds like a good way to loosen up. Did you feel pressure tto actually do it once there? Would either one of you had been ok if the other decided they couldn't go through with it? You know I want to read the rest now.

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