your move.......  

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3/3/2006 1:45 am

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your move.......

Wipe from the face of this earth her defenses
Trample her pawns
Reduce her castle to grains of eternal sand
Dismember her knights
Setting thier robes a fire, burn her bishops
The Queen
What shall I do to her?
Not a strand is to be harmed by any man's hand
Her head is mine!

I will reserve the thought
the vision
claiming my God given strength and power
ultimately in the end
My Mate
Or I shall give you the option of Resign now
choose wisely there will be no draw this time...

If you choose to continue your advance towards my queen that will
boil my blood and I will pillage and plunder mercilessly ALL...savoring the
spoils...Cry out if you must...I will be the only to hear your unrelenting beg for mercy mercy...When the cry’s have subsided to moaning I cautiously approach you...You may still be lethal...One look into your eyes and I, then would be the defenseless one...Cornered you now...My broad sword drawn...I point it towards you and touch the tip to your lips...You feel the cold hard razor steel...your mouth waters from the touch of my sword...All your defenses are gone and you stand before me with your nakedness pleading for me not to take you...I grab your hair with my left hand and pull your head backwards exposing your bare neck...I raise my sword high above my close your eyes so that you may not see it coming...You open your eyes...Its over now...You can not tell whether your time has now past or not........My lips pressed against yours I can still feel the coldness from the tip of my blade...I now upon my knees beg you for mercy to let me warm your lips with mine...I beg you to allow me to look into your eyes with out fear of blindness...I beg for your forgiveness of my brutal advances...I beg to feel your heart beating...I beg for you to take mine from me for without yours it would be senseless...You pull my head down and lay it upon your breast...You assure with your sweet voice that you will spare my soul this time with Passion

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