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3/23/2006 5:15 am

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musical answer.......

Rhythms of Physical Love


Muse! Dear Muse!
Tell me how
this delightful
magic mystery
of passions’
sexual ecstasy
arises through
esoteric wizardry
growing stronger
enticing sights,
allures of unveiled skin
and the vulnerable
in testing
trial disclosures
that daring hurts’ vast dangers
let show soft, fragile, and yet
warming rising feelings.

Turning fluid it drifts dizzy
in wildly looping spirals.
Visions come in succeeding dreams
through warming placid pools of gentle touching rhythms.

In this slow wicked spell of idleness
minds wander to pursue
the ways and words and reasons
that enliven,
and embolden
the rhythms
of kindling lusts.

Thus as contentment turns to delectation,
and wanton wishes
to arousal
pressing bodies,
throb most eager,
all movement,
and variation,
to pursue
their needs’
to satisfaction.

Fired by
rising heat
of increasing
calls to

Cymbals clash
in piercing howls
of smashing brass
pushing back out
soft slow melodies.

Body parts engorged
seek to tender
to their needs,
through driving friction
firm and relentless
on to quicker surgings
streams of salty tastes,
and the flux, flow, and flood,
of haste arousing aroma
midst the mind heating
sudden musky smells,
that lead to the intimacy
in body-rubbing ribaldry.

Quicker comes
the mindless vigor
dragged relentless
towards the falling cascade waters
past grasping rocks
in fever-heated
as wet organs
are sliding,

While in
this so wanted
fleshy clasping,
heart beats are rising
in reckless vigor.
Blood is racing
wildly rushing.
Minds turned
moan wolfish,
as in ruthless
nudest crudity
two are joined,
united by most feral want
in the body
of corporeal love?

Muse! Wanton willing Muse!
Tell me now!
How do a man and a woman,
two so very different creatures,
so intrigue, inveigle, and invite
to so closely mix and mingle,
to touch, enjoy and tingle
to yield that magic music of the spheres?

Muse! Oh my wild and wicked Muse!
Tell me now!
How does
a breathless woman
and a panting man,
by taking such strange positions,
apparently so very ridiculous,
and lewdly doing strenuous
pulsing bouncing motions
at beats and cadences
so robust and vigorous,
so smoothly slickly slippery
and wantonly lubricious
can engender feelings
so salaciously delicious
and ecstasies so glorious.

I know that
there are
rigid thuds
driving hard,
moving long,
in their

There is softer flesh in undulating agitation.
Parts bob bouncing to each buffet,
fluttering, heaving, jerking,
jouncing in thrilling oscillation.
Parts palpitate, pulse and quake, in quaver-quiver.
Parts shake, tremble-twitch, and shiver
to the vibrating trill of throbbing song.

There are intermingling
of complex poly-rhythms,
balancing with simpler beats,
mixtures of delicate exotic spices
and far cruder, rawer meats.
A dance of jouncing symphony
flowing ripple-writhes in heated harmony

I know that
there is complexity
and counter point
betwixt avid acceleration
and slow exhilarating dexterity,
a dance of many harmonies.

There is
a raging nature
set to furious gallop:
the steady noisy
thudding drum
of roiling raging lust,
wolf-harried mustang herds,
flights of frantic kicking,
of fighting, biting horses,
trampling wild prairie.
Sweat drips
from urgent bodies
wetting muscles
that are driving,
strong legs across the land,
rushing on
to glimpse
the glory
of the winning
of this race.
Hoof beats
on hardened earth
rattle in crescendo
raising clouds
fragrant with odors
of crushed, dried
powdered forb’s
and the musks
of aromatic
desert dusts.

There is the soft prologue
of seductive sweeping lyricism
as the gentle, almost weeping, lilt
of a warbling harmonious flute.
Melodies in green forest meadows,
all tart little wood strawberries
dipped in thick delicious cream,
are playing sweet and tender
bucolic memories of caring and of love.

There is
the harsh tattoo beat
of jungle rhythms
surging fast,
heart throbbing
strong and rising.
A man wanting
needing seeking
to find eternity
in the glory
of the sudden
spurting crash.

There is the woman call
slowly rising reaching higher,
the tides of life within her
sing of incoming surging seas,
enormous waves wash beaches
and then stilling with abating waters.

Yet when these
disparate rhythms mix,
rough with smooth,
fast with slow,
why do they not clash?

Instead, somehow
they join to give
long lasting heavens
an eternal paradise,
of mutual ecstasy and glory.

Muse! Oh! Sweet dancing Muse!
Tell me now
the words and the cadences
that offer poetic mastery
of this secret mystery!

Muse! Oh ardent Muse!
Tell me now
how this music
plays euphoric,
on our heated emotions
in harmony, not dissonance,
and why and where and how?

Muse! My Muse! Tell me now
the hidden wizard magic,
of this rhythmic music interplay.
How does it bring on sweet love
from lust’s most coarse display
and why and where and how?

and erect,
diving glorious
in the carnal crudity
of his reckless masculinity,
he takes flight from rough cliff heights
floating weightless on air’s thin fluidity
and drops to join with surging woman sea.

LadytoPleaseYou 65F
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3/23/2006 7:22 pm

My Dragon, I have not the answers to the questions you so eloquently ask
These questions have and will plague mankind from the very first till the very last
All I know is that the words you speak, are as lovely and rhythmatic as when you make love to me.
Their beauty is like unto the song of the angels that sounds so heavenly
As you send me upward into the far reaches of other worlds where mortals tread not
As our bodies, uncontrolled, heave and rock, straining and sweating, meld together molten hot.

All I know dear Dragon is, no mortal man can
Make me feel like a Lady
More than you can.

PENIS CHARMING....where are you?

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