kitten kisses  

eriedragon4 58M
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4/1/2006 4:37 am

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4/2/2006 2:17 pm

kitten kisses


What is that I feel?
Oh....I got you going.....niiiceee
that heat can so entice

I think we're going camping, because I am pitching a tent
either that or my shorts came with a serious dent

what?....your'e not wearing anything under that skirt?
Daddy likes...daddy likes a lot
Quick, look...where can I bend you over before I get too hot?

You know I love it shaved, all ready for me
I want to feel your lips, your clit.....that wetness dripping down to your knee

Driving you mad you say?
mmm....thats how it would always be if I could have my way
but sometimes I don't got a say....seems today is not that day

Maybe just a taste, thats all I really want
to taste your dripping, tight, and open-aired cunt

You don't want to wait, want it now?
ok.... remember you asked for it
but first.....would you be mad if I rubbed your clit?

Seems you don't mind, in fact you like it very much
you seem to never deny my hand on your pussy and my magical touch

ok, can't take it any more...we both agree
I'll press you against that wall, lift your skirt, you ready for me?

Never fucked in an alley before...this is great
can't worship your pussy though in public the way I would like
oh dick in that pussy feels so tight

damn woman, you just love squeezing my cock, I might just pop
oh yea, I know how you love squeezing out every cum drop

harder...thats how you want it huh?
I would give that pussy everything it might need
I'll pump it hard babe... that is.... until I dump my seed

oh, its coming, I know you want're gonna get it in any case
wait a want my cum on your face?

but I love filling your cunt, it makes me feel so good hun
pounding you from behind is want one big load or a few spurts?
Its my gift to your pussy and I needed much it hurts

mmm babe, there it is....can you feel it filling your hole?
Its my ode to your fuck took its toll........

moonfire2u 70F
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4/1/2006 8:52 am

You are full of passion...sensuality...heat...give me more...

kind thoughts,

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