Wanting and Needing  

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3/15/2006 2:30 am

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Wanting and Needing

Wanting and Needing

So it begins, very subtle at first,
As a tingling sensation, an unquenchable thirst.
Intrigue is the theme of this murmuring well,
Where the passion that's shared, we both fail to quell.

Wanting and needing the taste and the touch,
Of your lips on my flesh is a burden too much.
Wanting and needing the juice of your flavor,
Succulent desires my tongue seeks to savor.

Touching I learn that our feelings are real,
Ignoring the movements of time as we steal.
Tasting I'm blind to my significant other
With mischievous eyes, my senses you smother.

Wanting and needing these hours we spend,
Away from the world where we have to pretend.
Wanting and needing these moments in time,
When I can be yours and you can be mine.

Stroked, warmed and submerged in your pleasure,
I'm scaling your spine for the pearl that you treasure.
Returning your gestures, I'm paying what's due,
While wondering, "how can our lie become true".

Wanting and needing you more than I should,
Knowing the rules of this game all too good.
Wanting and needing you, wanting me more,
Kneading and wanting me, feeding your raw.

Its not over yet, even though we've both come
To a point where our emotions are far from numb.
Our engagements mean more than the sharing of flesh,
As we open the minds of our souls and confess.

Wanting and needing each other although,
The time is approaching to when we must go.
Wanting and needing just one more wet kiss,
From now 'til next time it's you that I'll miss.

restless Dragon

blogginOnly 60F

3/15/2006 2:43 am

Nothing wrong with pretending. Thats what dreams are all about!!! Its those stolen moments.

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