Unexpected Interlude  

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Unexpected Interlude

I sit alone, hat on my head
My own private universe
Coffee in hand, I rest...
The tongues of steam caress the air
I spot her seated on a couch
Her eyes could ignite oil or
Cut through stone.
Focused on me, I’m startled
Looking away, it must have been
someone behind me
something on the wall
somehow not me
I can’t be the object, the desired
I should go, leave her to ‒

Strange that I don’t move away
don’t escape out the door
Definitely not what I intended for the day.
Staying for her, I’ve spent too long here
Yet here I still am, hours after my first joe
Three dead soldiers now in front of me
The book before me barely skimmed
Because of her

I snake glances her way, she notices.
As I stir my last cup of coffee
She motions for the check
Giving the waiter a whetted perfect smile

My feet direct my body to the shop
The same chair I had is open
I don’t see her and read in earnest.
Another case solved by
medical examiner Dr. Kay Scarpetta
A gossiping trio chatters away:
-Flu makes people sick, still?
-Who’d have thought it possible?

A voice too close startles me
“Who are you?”
I almost lash out but stop short
It is she at my side
A smile crinkles her sexy eyes,
dangerous orbs
A dark warm green.
Nobody I am and say so.
“Never kissed a Nobody before,”
she drawls as she inches nearer.
Eyes of their own accord
are drawn to her lips.

“You afraid of me?
Little old me, I couldn’t hurt a fly.”
Her smile, showing her bright Lioness teeth
Quickly turns into a grin
Reaching her eyes, bright windows,
Deep pools of sea green.

“I’m not the one who should be afraid.”
I grab my possessions and leave. ‒
First time in a while the mouth had spoken
without due thought. -
My heart beats faster than
a humming bird’s, blushing profusely
too aware of myself
to not move clumsily.

Another day, a new time
I wander back in.
There, exactly where I’d
hoped, sat the woman
drowsily stirring artistic earthenware.
I creep past and hide in the
Back, escape rout planned.
Just in case…

Twelve New York minutes pass
And she surreptitiously sidles
across to the table. A lean silken hand
compels my Patiica Corwell novella
to the table, discarded for dramatic effect.
Eyes capture mine and hypnotize.
“My sweet Nobody finally came.”
Her voice, so saccharine...
Honey would be envious
“I’d hoped you’d show.”
A hungry smile breaks through
And my breathing accelerates.

I attempt to stand
But am treated like my novel,
Forced back to my seat
“No, no” tsking me like a naughty child
“You’ll go nowhere ‒
unless I get to come too.”
Her tender hand envelopes mine
Warm, silky and relentless.
Silently I rise and so does she;
I leave and she follows.

Her expression reveals nothing ‒
Nothing but triumph.
My stoic air is a sign
to her that she’s won.
And I ‒ the lacquered prize ‒
do not correct her.

The city is a blur around us
Fuzzy and abrupt movements all...
Compared to the solid embrace
Of our hands together, entwined.
Suddenly the door comes into focus
I fumble with the keys
Over eager...
She returns my other hand
Speeding my endeavor
And we walk inside.
Our feet give a light rapport
In the empty dark space.

Just at the right and proper moment
We mimic our hands
Caressing sinuously, toe to head
Mouths welcoming the other passionately
Raptly we kiss
Gradually becoming more aggressive
Spurring one another on and on and on
Lips aching and singing.
Her light moans fill the room

Inflamed skin being bared all too slowly
Then nurtured with her warm mouth
My hands wander her flesh
Seeking out her heat
Waiting for her purrs ‒ he must purr.
My hands wrap around her breasts
Molten from lust
A guttural moan arises from her throat
Any thought of proceeding slowly
becomes the forgotten fancy of the young.
Clothes fly off, discarded like candy wrappers
Just as wantonly and greedily
For the sweetness beneath, so close.

she writhes under my tutored hands
We rush to the bed
Desire matching desire.
As the warmth pulses through my veins
The room grows chilly.
Her shivers encourage me, exploring her.
My lips roam over her neck
Chest, stomach, and sweet wine sex.

Passions flare and unite
Pockets of flame merging
Kissing moaning licking sighing tasting rocking
Biting touching loving writhing crying-out mouthing
Squeezing teasing fulfilling climaxing orgasming again and again
Glowing cleaning retrieving silencing penetrating anew.

Elation overtakes me after so
Awesome an experience
Entirely unnecessary but ‒

She lies now on the bed
beautifully still and perfect.
Closing her eyes with kisses
I leave her behind with only a second glance.
Motionless, drowning in a sea of scarlet sheets
She remains...

In the car I answer the ringing phone quickly
Confirming my account
In the land of cuckoo clocks...
I picture her, sated and forever sleeping.
Too bad ‒ it would have been nice to meet her
while she wasn’t on the job…

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