Through darkness' domain  

eriedragon4 58M
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2/26/2006 1:07 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Through darkness' domain

Through the darkness
If you are not afraid
You will find my world
Where normality never stayed
A place of Fantasy
Where we concentrate on the sense of feel
A Wicked Dream
Where we don't pretend to be real.

I know what you want
I know what you need
Just take hold of my hand
And follow my lead.

Put your trust in me and I will pull you through
The most awakening feeling
From something you never thought you would do.

Hands bound, reaching towards the ceiling
Legs tied, spread eagle wide
Waiting for an intense feeling.

Control I do bestow, to you
My Master, My Mistress
And when the whip strikes
To my pleasures own fright
Do I realize the powers of my own delight.

Over and over, again and again
Does your nine tails meet their spot
Harder, faster, further, deeper
Never do I cry stop.

You get me down on my knees
I'm your slut
Begging and Willing to please.

Nails against the back
An intense orgasm
With every THWACK!

I never believed I could be
Through slavery
So pleasurably free.

Sometimes from the strongest chains
Do we find
A release from reality
So tightly bind
A passion
That pain can only unwind.

This is my world
Through darkness' domain
It is open
If you are willing
To submit your pleasures
Through Pain.

your,loyal Dragon

LadytoPleaseYou 65F
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2/26/2006 1:06 pm

Ahhh what strange tingling sensations I feel in the strangest of places brought on by reading this little rhyme.

PENIS CHARMING....where are you?

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