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4/15/2006 3:34 am

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Why must you tease me so?
When I turn my back,
You run back to him.
You said you had forgotten him,
There must still be some pieces left behind.
(Did you forget your socks?)
You make me believe it when you say you love me.
(Do you tell him the same thing?)
Every time the same things come out of your mouth,
You'll tell him soon.
(Do you forget when he runs up with a kiss?)

I anticipate your return,
Hoping you'd come with good news.
(You couldn't do it could you?)
he still doesn't know.
You pull me back and forth,
You tease me in such a way,
You keep me here for your own amusement.
(What now misstress?)

I promise myself,
I won't see you anymore.
When you come,
I cannot resist.
Maybe love is truly blinding.
Or maybe . .
You're just my amusement

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