Our Own Serenity  

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6/8/2006 10:15 pm

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Our Own Serenity

I want to bathe in your warm bodies glow
And get taken in the undertow
Free to relax and just let go
Thoughts sublime, face aglow.

I want to press your soft lips upon mine
As our bodies intertwine
Tempting thoughts filling my mind
Every touch feels so divine.

I want to gaze through your eyes, into your soul
So much said without being told
That smile is something to behold
Don’t blame me if I loose control.

I want to feel your hot breath in my ear
And make certain you’re sincere
It’s you alone that I revere
Do you see things just as clear?

I want to plunge deep inside
Enjoying the end of a somewhat ceaseless ride
I don’t want this feeling to subside
I’m in heaven, I must have died.

And as the last drop of sweat drips down your face
I know there is no other place
That you and I would rather be
Engulfed in our own serenity.

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