Orchestrated shadows  

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5/1/2006 11:05 pm

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Orchestrated shadows

Everything moves slowly
as birds wake in the middle of the night
breathing the air of surreal dreams
making love my mind became fresh
I wanted you aroused at my touch
suspended in pleasure this moment stretched
sensations poised like milky diamonds dancing
coming together in aged expertise
wanting the descending depths of each other
lips sensing promises for the first time

Drifting flitters press us closer
ever so much closer to the crescendo
timed in 3/4 beats at half tempo
Tightly strung along rich notes
the cymbals crash in echoing flight
Piercing wanton wantings playfullness
Slithered serpentine horns blowing
hummed along pudding delighted decadence
fingers of blind expertise stroke the chords
resonating deeper ever deeper the tune sinks
to the oh's, to the ah's

Taut nipples blooming full upon the tonged bridge
glistening of love-lighted freedoms
Dripping honeyed wordless aria's
driven by drummed primal abadon
Oded elysium's joyed accompanyment
is our own personal 9th symphony
subsiding in throws of more ever more

The sun rises to bodies aglow
nesting figures within natures song
having composed the sky
the shadows washed away.

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