Lust and passion  

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4/20/2006 3:15 am

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4/20/2006 3:18 am

Lust and passion

With piercing stares

And stumbling speech

You placed yourself

Within my reach

Curious and delighted

I played it up

Never thinking

It would come to much

Then in a moment

The disingenuous dare

A drink, some fun

I did not care

Lust and passion

Both explored

Kept us both

Asking for more

Night passed

With a day anew

I kept wondering

“Is this really you?”

Can I keep this up

Or do this again
When it feels great

And also like sin

It would be so easy

If I were single

Run over you and

Let our bodies mingle

The advice you give

Reads like a riddle

My life in the balance

Caught in the middle

Confused I ask

“Please give me your lesson?”

What to do

That is the question

You say “I may not be ready…

Maybe I should run.”

Deeper understanding

Or was it just fun?

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