Kind-Hearted Woman Blues  

eriedragon4 58M
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3/27/2006 12:16 am
Kind-Hearted Woman Blues

The sign blinks "Delta Taco," but your mouth shuts
And prays I'll serve, post-church, my best chess pie
With cane-sugared iced tea. O muddled mint,

O part those lips and turn both fixed brown eyes
On your kind-hearted woman she studies evil
All the time – head raised to kiss strangers, or whiskey;

Head bowed to do anything in this world
For you, like peel fresh peaches for a cobbler
And pour on the hand-beaten cream. O heal,

Cruel shrunken God, our pedestalled contraries,
Customs like war. Customs like wedding vows –
I really love that woman can't stand to leave her –

Of slave and master, kept behind closed mouths.
O hush puppies. O hot ribs. Pound the horn,
Its baying monotone, at drivers cowed

By Sunday love with evil-hearted women
In shacks or heirloom beds. Enlarge thy tent,
Some prophet said, thy tent and habitation

Or you's well to kill me: a knife, though blunt,
Carves through soft flesh. But then who'd wield the spoon,
Adorned with smallest dollops, on those nights

Pale middle passage has starved you beyond
One honeyed lick? No wet nurse in torn clothes,
I can't give you any more of my lovin'

So pinkly shackled. Tongue-lashed, you'll taste both
Kind and evil in my kiss: enlarge thy tent
And habitation, o enlarge thy mouth.

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