In the Lion Tamer  

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9/10/2006 2:37 am

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In the Lion Tamer

she barely sees him in bed.
Though when he enters,
the air crackles with sweat,
feline stench,
sometimes blood drawn by claws.

Perhaps he is right in
believing women's eyes have fangs.

In the dark, shes often begged
to see his scars.
He is cautious,
never hasty with the knots
around her wrists.

Don't look now, he whispers
just before tightening her

Some nights she imagines
the moon waxing over his full lips.
He never smiles when
there is work to be done.

Her curses have shadows
like incisors.
More than once she has tried
to knee him where it hurts.

He deflects her advances
with elbows,threatens,
If you break my concentration,
I'll never get it up.

she behaves then, purrs
against mahogany head board,
the pregnant pillows.
As aftersex interlude,
her legs entrap him for
a long second while she marks
his body with urine.
Next morning the tigers know
he'd been with another bitch,
and roar wildly in
their cages.

she waits for him in the trailer,
pace back and forth behind narrow windows,
her mouth ready to savor his
hide at the day's end.

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