Her Looseness  

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8/4/2006 10:46 am

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Her Looseness

Her looseness made her hot.
You knew it was hot,
When you put it in your mouth;
Rolling it quickly over your tongue,
Savoring its warm juices, feeling
Her nakedness as it climbed over you.

Her bite was worse than her bark,
Her beach was never closed,
She never closed the cover before striking,
Never was harmful if swallowed, and
Never bought a lick of insurance;
She'd rather roller blade than drive.

Her love was endless,
And when it boiled over,
She smelled so good,
You had to put your mouth on her.
And when you put your mouth on her,
She let you know in no uncertain terms
That she wanted you there
Kneading her soft, wet dough;
Licking her rich, red cherries.

You could clock her by the moon,
But never park in her space;
It was always peddle to the metal,
Top down, running flat out.
Her hair blown back over her head,
Telling you: touch me here and here,
Kiss me here and here.

And she was worse than bad,
There wasn't anything she wouldn't do twice.
And she was worse than bad,
She believed everything came in threes.
And she was worse than bad,
She ruined you for any other woman you'd ever have.

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8/5/2006 12:56 pm

Ahhhhh you can do better!!
I'm back and had to say helloooooooo. God I hape I can stay for awhile!


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