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6/19/2006 10:17 pm

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We came together
In a frenzied embrace
Mouths locked, Nostrils flared
Snorting like fighting bulls
Kissing, stroking, groping
Fumbling with buttons and belts
Hooks and eyes
Until we lay in a heap
Disordered in our semi nakedness
I caressed her breasts
Teasing her nipples
First with fingers
Before attending to them orally
I moved my hand across her soft belly
And pulled up her skirt
My mouth alternated between
Her swollen nipples and her eager mouth
My slipped under her skirt
And I reached up
Until I felt the silk of her underwear
I pulled them down to her ankles urgently
Then I moved my hand steadily
Up her long stockined leg
From ankle to calf to her inner thigh
The soft naked flesh above her stocking
Before combing my fingers through
Her luxuriant growth
She turned her attentions once again
To my ear frantically exploring it with her tongue
I cupped her pubic bone in my hand
And rocked it gently
Then I slipped my fingers between her lips
Into the creamy wetness
She moaned gently in my ear
And slid her finger around my swollen shaft
Tugging roughly at me
As I worked her wet flesh
Until her rhythmic moaning Reach crescendo
And she came
Her thighs closed on me
Then she rolled onto her back
For me to mount her
She wanted me so badly
And my balls ached for the want of her
I lay on her and we kissed
And I probed at her wetness
Teasing her lips with my tip
Then in her urgency
with her slender legs wrapped around me
She pulled me in until she enveloped me
Then she gripped me
Vice like with her slim yet powerfull thighs
Preventing my withdrawal
Her mouth was again on my ear
Licking and chewing
Her razor like nails dug into my skin
I arched my back
And entered her deeper
Then her grip on my hips lessoned
I withdrew and thrust into her again
She writhed beneath me moaning
As she tongued my ear
I thrust again
She bit my lobe
Her nails were now in my buttocks
I thrust again and again
Then again faster and faster
We moan loudly in unison
Until I exploded inside her
And she clung to me like a limpet
There we lay in the afterglow of passion
Locked in fond embrace
For a timeless period
Until our passions were again aroused

Whispersoftly5 53F
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6/20/2006 7:29 am

I keep reading your blog in the mornings I am never again going to make it to work on time! This is very sexy!!!


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