Gypsy Breeze  

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1/24/2006 10:53 pm

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Gypsy Breeze

Freed by Gypsy Breeze,
running wild in summer meadows,
passing past and present futures.
Two bodies meld affection fresh,
ageless oils distilling floral fragrance;
unleashing souls locked destiny,
in abandoned sighs.

Crossing barren borders,
in hand to hand caresses.
Creating paradise explored
Fragrant winds, free blown,
embalming emotion over silver sierra,
brings roses, red, fields white scented.

Jasmine yellow, sways mirage memories
of two lovers' young parting pain.
Time mellows only heartache
till embers flare again; fanned to fever
in distant Spring's frail future.

Her perfumed curves once blended
surrendering to searching touch.
Lips red naked by kissed senses
sensual taste of youth seduced.

Returned in ageless immortality.
Skin to perfumed coalescing skin.
A distant Love lingering remembered;
no longer locked imprisoned
by the vagrant wind.

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