Fresh.. (use me up )  

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7/23/2006 12:47 am

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Fresh.. (use me up )

you say then slap my face,
then you ask for another drink,
you know I'm buying it's why your here,
i'm hoping for love and,
he's waiting somewhere.

To kick my ass get in my face,
cause your the one, He gave his
life, his home his car, his baby,
so far, his dreams ,
his money your his wife.

But your here drinking my beer.
And I'm Hopeing for someting
thats not real,
a tumble, a russel,
just to get by then,
I'll brag to my friends,
And can't remeber your name.

but passion lingers and I
go searching again for that
bar fly thats hot,
and to be used again!
Baby use me up

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