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Without my SIGHT, how could I bare
of day of darkness with that heavenly
glow behind you.
I see you with my eyes,
I see that you are my life,
I see because I have SIGHT!

I HEAR you through howling winds,
Your whispers awaken my soul,
Listen to you talk aways has my
How could I not hear those words,
and see the lips that put them together,
I LOVE YOU too, cause I HEAR you.

The air is familiar, I know you were here,
That scent I was suppose to catch,
your fragrance I can't forget.
It seems you wear it just for me,
only I can smell it like I do,
with the added natural of you,
The Sight of you, to HEAR you,
but I like it more with reminders that
I can SMELL you!

So soft, so warm,
your holds are ever lasting,
sometimes my heart begs
Your skin is nice, even when
goose bumps fills arms legs thighs
and Oh MY!
We seem to be a touchy feely kind
of team,
how you touch on my....
when I touch your....
it makes us passionately scream.
How we jump from sudden rush,
how lips feel on finger tips,
how strong hands feel on neck from behind,
How arms wrap your waste when we are on slow
The SIGHT to HEAR you,
I still SMELL you on me,
The combination isn't right,
without the TOUCH from you to me!

Still licking my lips from taste of that kiss
that occurred four days earlier.
I still close my eyes with silence,
while my heart beats of steal bands
on nude beaches crying!
If you didn't wear lip gloss, lip stick or chapstick
to those pairs of lucious,
then the natural of sparks and spicy tingle ling
had me squinting with closed eyes and mouth

I walk down street smiling to the TASTE of TOUCH,
The very SIGHT of lips I HEAR,
Beauty from the front, back, side and over head!
I SMELL the words that made this poem,

FIVE SENSES of you and me!

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