Ecstasy Revealed  

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6/8/2006 12:35 am

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Ecstasy Revealed

My tongue
walks around your ear
as my hands
climb your breasts

my tongue
begins a journey
down your long
smooth creamy neck

my fingers
begin to dance
around two excited nipples
perched on high firm breasts

my tongue
climbs the path
were tongue and fingers dance
around your luscious breasts

my hands
now pour over your body
while my lips
envelope your nipples

where hands and fingers
have touched your silken skin
my tongue and lips
journey around your body

ever so softly
I kiss down your back
while taking my tongue
I gently tickle your hairs

your ecstasy builds
you release a low moan
my hands and my tongue
continue to roam

on the edge of the bed
your upon your knees
begging give it to me
please please please

I kneel down
and from where you orgasm
I tease you
with a wet hot tongue

from within your throat
came low moans
now have become
ecstasies groans

you scream stop teasing me now
you tell me don’t be meek
you ask for it long and hard
it is pleasure you seek

I give it hard
I give it white hot
you demand
I give you all I got

with this I am not shy
I do not go slow I do not creep
I give it to you fast and furious
I go deep deep deep

with a white hot poker
our bodies revel in orgasm
our souls
reveal an ecstasy

two bodies sweating
steamy and hot
is this a dream
we open our eyes and no this is not

a good hug
and a sweet kiss
you lay in my arms and purr
we drift off to sleep and dream of this bliss

Whispersoftly5 53F
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6/8/2006 6:47 am

Please - please - PLEASE!!!


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