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9/12/2006 4:39 am

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I'm not certain

Delicate is the

Right word to use

you understand,

Because Delicate evokes images

Of honeysuckle flowers

Sweet as bee's drink

In passionate summer.

Long fingers embracing the trellis

And holding like a lover

In the tears of ecstasy. Delicate

Yes, but with mysterious Autumn

Flowers whither on choking stalks

A rose perhaps

Delicate filigree of fingers

Woven on each petal

Each petal floating languid on

Still Lake Eire water

It's bloom forever recalled

In the memory of a game of

Love-me, love-me-not.

Your soft red hair in

Each fate drenched blossom

That will flow to the sea

And drink forever of

Sweet salt, like tears.

Understand that I've dreamt,

Long Spring days, of

Your Delicate lips

forming words like spider webs that

Fall into the flower print of

Your billowing skirt,

Until wind comes and

Blows spider webs away.

And the tender work of

Knitting each Delicate strand must begin

As it has always begun,

With cunning as

Soft as red hair.

But no,

I realize that

the Delicate flower of your beauty---

Your pale skin,

Vine long legs,

Red hair like rose sap

Eyes held in

Languid embrace,

The rose petals falling on

Flower print skirt

Your fingers twist lazily

Around honeysuckle stems---

Is the fragile

Delicate spring

Of a mouse trap

Set so tenderly within

The honeysuckle's withering flower.

Whispersoftly5 53F
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9/12/2006 10:35 pm

Absolutely lovely. You are intoxicating!

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