Colors Spill  

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6/17/2006 1:27 pm

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Colors Spill

You, seated erect on the carmine couch
and clothed in black - the window behind
her whirls into silver as her bracelets
flash gold; and these colors spill

Into the electricity of the space between us,
airy density of desire. Her perfume conjures
pictures of lilacs asway in a spring breeze
of a morning - the latticework of a garden,
roses climbing towards the blithe sun;
and its scent-colors spill

Into the buoyancy of my chest - my falling-
out-from-under myself giddiness, desire's
dips. The ruby blossom pinned to top
of your dress moves in rhythm
to your breath, dances inside my eyes
and merges with your blue eyes;
and these colors spill

Rapture into my dissolving chest,
the currents of desire. you shiver

as if the fine crystal spray of a fountain
is settling on the back of your neck;
and the colors of you shiver spill
Tingles into my nerves, such that hot
rain trickles up and down my spine,
the flarings of desire. I stroll towards you
and your extended arms guide me towards
your yearning mouth - quivering lips
and agile tongue; and these touch-
sensation colors spill

Surges of vertigo into my dissolving
thoughts, desire's gift of unity
with sensation, absence of reflection.
you unzip your dress and squirms free
and the heaving softness of your breasts
caresses my cheeks; and the colors
of your rippling skin spill

Urgent heat into my thighs and back,
lead me to seek the moist warmth
of her life-source, desire's rush
to satiation. I plumb deeply
and lingeringly, savor your inner
swoon; and the colors of trust
and surrender spill

Vitality and endurance into my muscles,
desire's taut purpose. Your liquid lips
pull me under the surface of my skin;
and your eyes open wider, allow me
to fall into their upwellings of joy;
and the surging colors
of procreation spill

Trills of delight into my boundaryless
body, desire's union with every molecule
of air. your hands clench tight
as your body tightens; and my tight
colors of gushing heat spill

Gasps of bliss into your body opening
to pull me deeper under the glow
of your skin, desire's blurring
of identities. You tumble into
wide-eyed wonder, and I follow:

The colors of Your wonder spill
into my awareness until I'm sails
of satin, lifted on a soft breeze.

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