Can You Hear My Sight?  

eriedragon4 58M
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6/9/2006 11:04 pm
Can You Hear My Sight?

My eyes
A direct conduit to deep varieties of thought
Your body
A direction not to be taken
A taste not to be savored
Your eyes
Leer lingers like a hot hand
your breasts your mouth my skin
Taste me roll me on your tongue

Deep breaths
You heave you moan you howl
I cry I shudder I release
Trying to disconnect
The somehow deeply connected
My body
A slow undulation
A low buzzing current
A wetness a heat a hunger
A desire requiring you
Your mouth on me in me
Again you
Your arms your face your breasts
I can feel the silkiness of your hands
I can taste your sweat your skin
Your mouth a well to drink deeply from
We knead our bodies into closer connection
All this in the proximity of conversation
Your body close yet far
I can reach out and stroke your hair
Feel the sotness of your skin
Imagine how it would feel on my thighs, my back
Your hands on my shoulders in passing
I feel that touch on me
Your calves your thick thighs your hot ass
I can imagine my hands feeling your mounds
Each thrust each movement each moment
My tongue following the lines of your stomach
Your naval a slow sweet temptation
And lower, slowly, mouth waters
Tasting you with long licks
Soft kisses hard deep sucking
Look up to see you under my control
Nothing is better to affirm my joy
Even now the contraction of you
Squeezing in and releasing
Uncomfortable to ignore as you are speaking
I see you over me under me behind in front
Sweat dripping off smooth skin
Muscles moving in united motion
Holding me down up back forward
There is more there is so much more
Undecided unfulfilled unwanted wanting
My hair my shoulders my body
Pulled tugged stroked tossed
In your hands that I try to ignore
Your mouth your eyes you
There is much here out of reach,
but we have all night!

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