Black Stockings  

eriedragon4 58M
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4/12/2006 12:06 am
Black Stockings

Some men say
that their world stopped
when their favorite team
lost a game
or when their child was born
or something likewise and momentous.
For me,
it was when I saw them:
smooth, graceful,
beautiful legs
walking with heavenly style
bound in breathtaking black stockings.
I went out of sync
with reality then,
the world around me moving on
as my heartbeat stopped,
my eyes locked
below the hem of her skirt,
watching those legs,
watching the muscles ripple,
wanting to touch them,
my fingers burning
to massage the flesh
beneath the breathtaking black stockings
they were to me
erotica in motion,
sensual, sexy,
desired, desiring,
calling to me. . .
and then she passed
out of my sight,
the moment fleeing
as I snapped back into reality.
But never have I forgotten
the day I saw
passion in high heels,
the day I saw
wondrous legs
and fantastic mysteries
lurking underneath
those black stockings.

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