Ah....tonight my Goddess.......... We dance again!  

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4/18/2006 12:55 am

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Ah....tonight my Goddess.......... We dance again!

Ah .... ce soir ma Déesse .......... nous dansons de nouveau


Again WE dance! ah she has done it again my Lovely Goddess has turned mere words in to food fit for gods & Goddesses of course,
(notice gods with lower case g)
my origanal poem is in black her words burning with passion next to mine in purple!
I do so enjoy the dance!
You truly bless me my Goddess


As far as I am concerned
the black swan of trespass is permanently
on loan to you ‒ you have earned it
by getting the body ‒ orifices and all ‒
onto the page; by navigating your poetic
dog past the law and those delightfully placed
mince-ball baits.

I sense the light that I feel seeping through the
chapters of your life as I persevere though the deepest of your fears and the saltiest of your tears - as I - lay my fevered brow gently against your savory loins and then allow the passion of my heat to dissolve as sweetness to your flesh as you sensually soothe me and make the insanity of the world go away...

Over and over
as I turn them, your clean white pages
make me fall in ink-
indigo pool of your lust and
soiled love with your clitoral wit and insouciance so concerned
it hugs itself.

Again and again you hear me cry out for you as the temple crazes and pummels as passionate heat shoots up my spine and becomes the narcotic fix of icey blue that soothes the animal that drives you and causes you to swell for me as you feel my breath upon your throat.

Dance with me again in the temple of gold that knows-
my heart and my soul lays before you and you take
me as a gift that has been given to a chosen child
...wrapped in the ribbons of satin and light and
offered to you with love.


I long for the dance
and I await the indulgence of your lead for you know
I swallow surrender to the music that beats as a lifeline to my soul
as my mouth eagerly takes you into the folds of my heat and that
creative part of my belly that lives to suck the passion from your veins feels your heartbeat quicken and knows you as you step and glide across the dance floor of my mind...

as I want to be in your coterie
of one. I want to be the one
who splits your legs as wide as the skin
of the compost banana that made us laugh
that uncomfortable quiet-in-the-mountains
morning-after at its unsheathed penis-
ity poking from a huddle of eggshell
testicles in the sludge of emptied tea.

As you abducted me into the heated waters of the island of your soul and bathed me in the passion of your sex.
I want to be the one that you know as your beloved slut - she who adores you beyond the realm of real. Hear me as my laughter fills the realms of your heavens and holds the clouds that explode within your mind convulsively as the whimsical wonderment of *white* joins you there - and erotically fuels your dreams. Let the day come when the clouds will stroke.....your throat and your knees will melt from the heat of the dance.



And now finished this breakfast of milk-
cold words, whisper some more rude bits into the gash
of my imagination. Really use that sweet mouth.

Suckling gently at my breast, I feed you from deep within me and you hear the words as cold in the midst of a gentle breeze that simply soothes your soul. Into your ears I speak soft words that only you will hear as the queen bee prepares to sit upon her throne and you will prepare yourself for the dance as your heart aches to feel me now.

My gift to you is offered with the adoration of a thousand goddesses open before you ..wrapped around you...taking you into the warm and moist channel that you know as my mouth and I present you with all that you have ever been denied and yet seek to know and ache to have for your own. As you feel my mouth skillfully and lovingly embrace your heat, Ill weave golden threads into the fabric your sex and sweet silver will shimmer for you through the the pain and the wounds that have yet to heal and it is for you alone to unwrap and and bathe yourself in the energies of light as you choose. As you need. As you want. Your Goddess is there for you, my beloved one... spread your wings and feel the heat of my breath upon you now and take the gift of my love that will heal you in but a moment of time.


I'm languishing like a dragon on broken
wing ‒ a bent letter of his wing...

The battles have moved you to a barren land where you rests now upon my bosom as a broken child that longs to be held if only for a moment to know the comfort of the one who loves him so...so as he is broken and worn and aching for the pain to be sucked swiftly into the earth never again to challenge the energy of his heart, Dragons's Goddess is empowered divinely to but kiss his Erie Eyes and the vision of healing, he sees. She whispers her heart to his Aching Ears and the crackling sounds of his flesh respond to the stitches that the soulful surgeon then seals upon the wings of the dragon and he senses his need to fly. As the power of his passion
torches his trembling heart, he weeps tears of joy as he bows before his Goddessand once again, they dance...


I wish there was no world; no language of p's and q's.
No battle of o's and y's; only a world of i's and u's.
I wish we could tell them all what's in your lust of our poems:

Amused they would be if they only knew you were the brush and I am the comb...
Please take the night for you alone and see me in the fire
I'll dance for you with flames ablaze as though I were a slut for hire

Lots of unfunny things are funny! There's no such thing as rules!
The standup form daubs in your mind - you are not a colorless fool! The structured one abides in me to surrender to your lead. The dance we dance of pure romance..I sense you then I heed
the call to adore you til the end of time - I am your Goddess Dove
I fly to your side though the winds of time and encompass you with my love..

I love you my Goddess

I adore you my beloved Dragon
and I love you as you are
I dance for you alone in time
Hear the music from afar...

- your beloved Goddess1946

- your loyal dragon

rm_goddess1946 107F
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4/19/2006 9:49 am

you are....the best

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

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