Across a smiling face  

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8/13/2006 1:10 am

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Across a smiling face

Hot and steamy thoughts of pleasure
Whip across a smiling face.
Eager hands reach for each other,
Hungry hearts increase their pace.

Fingers itching to be playing
On a body, willing, bare
Straining tongue anxiously longing
For a deep embrace to share

Nipples swelling 'neath the fondling
Head thrown back from sheer delight
Neck exposed for deeper kisses
Falling madly into night

Touches gentle to the belly
Throbbing veins increase the thrill
Long caresses siphon moaning
Hard to keep the body still

Bodies driven wild with pleasure
Closer to each other pull
Tender thighs eagerly parting
Begging for his manhood full.

Sliding steady into forever
Winding hips and slapping thighs
Air escaping from their passion
Passion mounting with their sighs

Ecstasy is building in them
Circling closer to the top.
Energies explode within them
Throbbing deep until they drop.

Sweating bodies pant exhaustion
Locked inside a tight embrace.
Hot and steamy
thoughts of sated pleasure
Whip across a smiling face...

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