A poet would a-wishing go  

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3/15/2006 3:02 am

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A poet would a-wishing go

"A poet would a-wishing go,
and he wished love were thus and so."
Robert Frost

Such prolific words he wrote back then,
yet strangely his audience has faltered
in spreading the message of the meaning to send;
they aren't simply thoughts from an Age long lost,
they weren't just musing words of rhyme,
his words may indicate our time
is fading fast and further toward
what may be Humanity's cost -
as Armageddon looming to begin the End
or what Evolution may have in store
- mutating our bodies and minds once more -
since we've suppressed intuition sublime
and refuse to release our bloody sword.

I will attempt
with help from the outer ring
to all the World this message bring;
with the help of Frost, I believe we can,
write it out - The State of Man.

Let us our History review,
reflect the timeline bringing us here
and from its collective meaning find
the greater cause within our minds,
so we may continue without fear
to work the Magic we can do.

In the beginning,
we fashioned stick and stone
and carved ourselves a wheel! -
after containing and commanding Fire
and from that moment carried on
to the greater feats that Man has shown,
be it by War, Science, or the Church
they’re all institutions shaping our path,
complicating our ordeal
as we unlock secrets to reveal
through the intent of human desire
as we trespass through Envy,
Pride, Greed and Wrath
and with each step forward,
we falter, then lurch
succumbing to Lust, Gluttony and Sloth
from having to witness those buried in cloth.

It began with barbaric, simplistic tribes
that we carved the foundation for our lives,
and as the World's population grew
with Spirits gathering in formation
to establish a cyclical queue
they rose and fell toward Civilization!

Four Races unique by the color of skin,
mystical all - and ever-evolving -
forged in the furnace of our magnificent Sun,
haunted by Nature's consuming din
as they each continued with their own mystery solving
causing Humanity to, the World overrun.

Each Race,
reflecting an essence of Gaia
- Water, Fire, Air and Earth -
intertwined by fate and led by desire,
fearing their Death while exclaiming their Birth!

Civilizations drifting upon Continental Divides
all pondering themselves alone in quest,
some quite content with the Miracle of Birth,
the Splendor of Nature and Erotic Mirth,
and while they existed on opposite sides
some were disposed to quiet unrest
for curiosity had given its start
to Colonization of the Human Heart
by seeking to develop and instill the Word,
convoluted with Fear and inspired by Faith,
demanding their duty be to Conquer and Free

Lake Erie Dragon


3/15/2006 7:46 am

Love this one especially

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

_Safira 54F
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3/15/2006 7:37 am

He is the reason I am am poet. And this was stunning, as usual! Blessings, Mark!


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