A Walk in the Paradise Garden  

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4/27/2006 5:37 am

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A Walk in the Paradise Garden

Walking in your Paradise Garden
I am at rest
Come and see
Come and see my garden,
You said
It is beautiful
So I came.

The afternoon is sultry,
At rest
And walking in your Paradise Garden
Side by side
Stillness and peacefulness
Enfold us in soft caressing beauty
As we walk calmly to the water.

Walking joyfully, oh so joyfully
In your Paradise Garden
The heady rose-scent touches me
The leaf-stirring breeze touches me
The dazzling sunlight on the water
Touches me and
Your finger tips touch mine.

This Paradise Garden, you know,
I know
Is a garden of heart's desire
And we meet each other
Still and open-eyed
By the gentle waters.
Please hurt me now.

The day is warm and fulsome
The garden bright with splendour
And in the dazzling light, your smile
Me not to ask more questions
All I ever
All I ever wanted is here.
Let it be enough, just now with you.

Will you take me to your Paradise Garden
Because until you do
I am a lost boy
Far from home -
Or I must reach, deep in my heart
And know your savage beauty face to face
And hold hands quietly with
A word called hope.

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