Where do we go from here?  

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3/5/2005 4:51 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Where do we go from here?

Well, getting started again at my age is a real challenge. I thought I might try a dating site. Sampled and cruised quite a few. Some of the sites that I have seen are down right FREAKY !! And some were to much like a Church Social. Then I ended up here. Hey don't get me wrong. The Church Social group is a very important part of our society.
However, as long as I can remember I have always contemplated Sex. No matter what the circumstance, Business, Social even Church. When ever I was introduced to a good looking woman. I would always find myself looking into her eyes and then at her breast. Some of them would become very nervous. Some would turn abruptly and find safety. But you always had that one. That one who would smile and flash a quick look at your crotch. Those are the women that would cause my imagination to run wild.
I had to pull in the reins for 20 years while I became a respectable member of the Community. Wife, Children, Career, Conservative Upper Middle Class. You know! The Fancy House in the burbs. The new SUV, the well manicured lawn. All the stuff that most people spend their life pursuing. And all the while feeling like something is missing. And I am not only talking Men here. Women feel that missing element even more. But for the sake of maintaining a means of support they deny their feelings or have discreet love affairs.
I think that if our society accepted the fact that having a Lover is human nature. As many other societies have done for hundreds of years. And stopped this facade of monogamy being the rule at all costs. I believe that the now escalating divorce rate in this country, would sharply decline.
Look at how contradictive our soceity is. On one hand we preach the moral obligation of monogamy to maintain our family and social structure.
And on the other hand the media and advertisers bombard us with sexual images and lustful situations or depictions. Do you think that the sponsors of these movies, magazines, television shows and products. Would spend Millions of dollars annually if the public was not attracted to them.
So why are we so reluctant to admit at a social level that Sex is Normal and OK! Even with multiple partners! I think that a lot of Societies problems would be resolved.
Ok, the idea of neighbors jumping fences makes you feel a little uneasy. How about this.
How about State regulated legal prostitution.
Not only for Men but for Women also. If it where State regulated there would be controls on S.T.D. and drug traffic. Being a Prostitute would be an accepted occupation. Like being a social worker, physical therapist or a sales person. There are countries that have been sponsoring this concept for centuries. For some of them it is a source of tourist trade. Supported by sexually inhibited Westerners!
Why are we taught to deny our sexual urges? To hide our sexual desires.
Well here I am, single again. And having to face the result of societies inbred moral contradiction. Where can a person turn to find sexually liberated, intelligent, friendly fun loving people? So many people are on the fence. Afraid to be true to their feelings and desires. Afraid of disease and sexual preditors. Where do we go from here??

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3/5/2005 7:24 pm

Very well put!I hope others will open their eyes!

rm_KCUnicorn 64F
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3/6/2005 9:28 am

I read your blog and your profile and found both interesting and thoughtful. I'm also starting over at 52. I'm fairly new to AdultFriendFinder but look at it as a way to explore my sexuality, while controlling the negative backlash I would likely get using more traditional channels to meet like minded men -- that moral contradiction you spoke of.

Not exactly sure where you are in Illinois, but I'm in the KC area. Perhaps we can chat via email.

rm_WickedFemale 64F
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3/6/2005 12:04 pm

We do our own search for what we seek. There is a lot of weeding out the bad ones and if lucky, we find some that are gold! Be well...

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