UPDATE: Anal Sex in my personal life  

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9/28/2005 5:39 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

UPDATE: Anal Sex in my personal life

Ok.. well.. I finally got the courage up to have anal sex with my husband and, well,.... It didn't turn out too good.

We took a good long time to do it and I could not for the life of me get him all the way in.. not even the head!!!!! He came and .. well.. that ended that.. after I went to wash up.. I was bleeding.. so he said never again would we do that..

I feel so horrible that I couldn't get past that.
Oh well.. some can .. some can't.. and I just can't...

asijoe50 45M
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9/29/2005 8:00 pm

What's wrong with your vagina? Is your husband scared of it? If he can't hold out long enough to get you off he could at least give you a little oral sex so you can get yours. I think maybe he is just a selfish person who doesn't know that the most awesome orgasm comes after your partner has thiers. Tell him it's not a race to see who can get off first. If he can't figure it out bring another man to bed with you and maybe he will get the hint.

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9/30/2005 2:02 pm

Okay, I have a couple of suggestions for awesome anal. I am a 33 year old woman who absolutely loves it in the ass, but wasn't always. I had a college boyfriend who 'oops'-ed me and it felt like . And an ex husband who has a small dick but it sucked doing anal anyhow, even drunk.

And then there was my boyfriend after my divorce who was totally into anal. Heres where I learned to love it too. First, you have to be TOTALLY worked up. I do this by looking at a lot of anal porn. It gets me really wet and horny. I suggest not even thinking about getting it in the pussy the night you try anal. Just have your husband finger you a lot, eat you out, whatever you like. Maybe fuck you with a dildo. But save the dick, it makes it so much more exciting!

When you're really excited, and very wet )or use a lot of vasaline, which I think is WAAAAY better than lube for anal) then have him wipe the wetness from your pussy down to your asshole. Have him softly start to stroke your asshole, no pressure, while fingering your pussy or clit. If he's willing, have him rim you. This is so awesome. Then slowly have him apply pressure with a finger, then the tip goes in. Have him insert two fingers slowly and then just SLOWLY work around the rim. It starts to widen you a little. Then have him stop abruptly - everything. You'll be dying for more.

So then, he should lay down on the bed. Straddle him and rub his cock up and down between your pussy lips to get even hotter, then start to rub his head against your asshole softly. You'll be very wet. Then, start to lower yourself LITTLE by little. (Have several drinks before th efirst time to relax) Remeber that it is just a little painful as the head enters the first time. Go slow and it will stretch the muscle at the asshole slowly, and then POP, the head will go in. Don't move or ride him yet. Let your asshole adjust to the stretch by sitting still with it in your ass. Then have his start to finger your pussy and or clit, grab your tits, whatever. I like a little dirty talk. Then start to move up and down slowly on his cock. It really will start to feel awesome in a bit, trust me. The key is that you are incontrol, no surprises, you have control of speed, depth, etc. Once you do anal like that once or twice, you'll be able to relax enough that he can be more in control And you'll want him to - because eventually (believe it or not) it will feel awesome to have him thrusting hard in your ass.

I am kinda laughing because at first I was scared to death and now I am not dating anyone and you won't believe it, but when I masterbate I generally like to use a dildo (or hair mousse can or cuke or banana) in my ass when I get off. There is something much more intense about it and I wish you the best of luck in getting to that point!

Missluvalot 42F

10/1/2005 1:09 pm

ok here i go again, if you think he might try to take control and not let you do what the young lady above said, then go to the adult toy store. they have all different sizes in dildos. get you a couple of different sizes,(try to get one really small for your first time.) you can also get some ass beads. start masterbating by yourself while he is at work, using the dildo in your ass. after you try a couple of times you can gradually move up to a bigger size(closer to his size). at this point you are going to love it. when you are finally comfy with the larger sized one get ready to put it on him. girl i know he doesn't have any sex drive so you just might have to take it. I mean maby that will turn him on if you don't take no for an answer tell him you are going to fuck his brains out and he can gladly be a part of it, or you are just going to take it anyway, and he can just lay there. trust me he is not just going to lay there.and if he doesn't straightn up pretty soon you can always come and have a good time with me and my hubby.

santiaguisimo 41M

2/11/2006 3:06 am

Honestly? The best lubricant in the market for anal is HIS precum. I'm a big producer myself, the second i get turned on, the fountain begins! I'm also into having my ass played with by my girl, everything the ladies say is true! It really feels amazing and I also like to have a toy or mousse can shoved up my ass while i masturbate. Cumming with anal stimulation is so much more intense. Maybe you can try it on your hubby, a little married couple give-and-take action, right?

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3/12/2006 3:37 pm

I like anal every once in a while, but happyanya is very, very right: you have to REALLY into the moment. I have to wait until I cum at least 2 or 3 times before I will even let him put a finger inside my ass. That is how we worked our way up to it, actually: while doing it doggy style one time, he askd if her could put a finger in my ass. He lubed it up (vasaline is ok, but kind of messy; a great silicone based lube is good for this; try Eros or Uber Lube) and stuck just one finger in, and while it was a very different sensaion (and my ass automatically puckered until I forced myself to relax), I got used to it very quickly, and it actually made my vagina tighter, too, which made him cum in like 10 strokes! He has thick fingers, so we just used one for a few times afer that, and then he added another, and then another, slowly stretching me out and getting me used to the sensation. When we finally tried the real thing, we found that doggy-style is not the best angle for us,so I laid on my back and he entered from an upright missionary, bracing my feet and lifting my legs with his arms. This provided a straight angle that was more comfortable for me and still felt good to him, and the fact that he can play with my clit while doing it makes all the difference in the world; it helps me to relax and really get into it. He can stick a finger in my vagina and really stimulate me from that angle.

Truthfully, though, you may have to admit that anal isn't for you because your hubby has been blessed with a huge cock...HOW IS THIS A BAD THING???

So my advise on your anal escapades: Try it again if you want to, see if you can work up to it, have him stick a single well-lubed finger into you while doing you doggy-style to get THAT amazing sensation (for both of you), and if it doesn't work, smile and be content in the knowledge that you have a gifted man


4/20/2006 10:11 am

damn ur my kinda girl .... im new on here and don't have a pic or stuff really in the profile yet
but plz drop me a msg anytime

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