epicisland 37M
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4/5/2006 5:44 pm

How does one define the term soulmate?

Do they exist?

Today, for a fleeting moment I was certain I had found my soulmate. The two of us shared this "soul-engulfing" gaze that lasted for about a 5 minute period. The kind of gaze that stops everything else in the world around you dead in it's tracks and all you can see and hear and think about is the illuminated bridge of light that is built between the two of you.

That's what happened today. I felt as if she knew exactly what I was thinking and that I knew exactly what she was thinking. They say you can say so much with your eyes and I think that's entirely so when you are locked in a gaze with someone.

Scientists (screw 'em) have also said that prolonged eye contact increases the release of a neurotransmitter called phenylkiltitine or something and it releases a little bit of feel-good wanton hormones into our blood. I think the best way to describe it would be when you look into someone's eyes when you're having sex, it is such an intimate glimpse into that person's being it is outrageous. And I think this is especially more so when you both are fully letting all inhibitions go and fully trusting the other person.

Whatever the intensity of the gaze was, it was DEFINITELY inappropriate for the given situation I was in. I mean she is a married woman.

Is that okay? Is it okay to flirt with a married woman, as it takes two to tango right? And if she's tango'ing then it must mean she's partly to blame and it's not like you are taking advantage of her so it's all good?

Any thoughts, insight, comments or suggestions on the married flirting/hooking up issue would be most appreciated.


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