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8/12/2005 11:20 am

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Wanna watch?

Our relationship was off to an auspicous beginning. We had so much in common, like we had never before. We found in each other complete acceptance of our fullness and unflolding. We are both exhibitonists (among many other things...).
I have always been excited about being naked in front of women, especially if I have an erection! And of course, I get an erection whenever I'm naked in front of women! Kinky loved that about me, and she would soon assert that she was more exhibitionistic than I. Holy shit!
Since i don't want to go to jail, or scare the children , the opportunities for waving my weenie are limited: swing clubs, nude beaches (to some extent), and, of course, at Burning Man. The opportunities for a woman to expose occur more often.
Kinky once, a few monts ago, googled the laws about nudity in San Diego. She found that it was illegal to expose her breasts in public if someone complained. As you can see in her photos, there's an awful lot of people who would NOT complain...
So that night she took herself, by herself, down to a local late-night, crowded downtown dive bar. Sitting with her back to a wall, sipping her ubiquitous martini, she casually took off her top.
As I remember her telling the story, a man came over from the bar, and thanked her. Her toppless nudity lasted and seemed to be enjoyed by all until a woman bartender finally approached her and nervously asked her to put her top back on. "Sure" she smiled, and donned the top. Kinky reasons that it is unfair discrimination that women must wear shirts when men don't. What do you think?

Ironically, it was my being topless that led to us being kicked out of the Avalon Theatre in Hollywood last October. But that's another story - stay tuned!

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