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9/4/2005 3:59 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Hope everyone is having a fantastic long weekend! The family and I have gone traveling to visit relatives across the south, and to take in a football game or two.

How awful for poor New Orleans! My all-time favorite town has been reduced to nothing! While I am very lucky to have escaped with everything still intact, I cannot help but be outraged at the way things have been handled there. Although, I must confess, I am appaled at the number of people who stayed. While I understand the reasoning, its still beyond belief.

And what about people shooting at contractors working with the Army corps. of engineers?! How stupid are you to shoot the people who are going to drain the 10-foot deep water out of your front lawn! Sadly, vigilante justice has staked its claim to New Orleans. Rockstar could make a pretty penny off of the current situation...

On a happy note, the stories will resume soon. Any and all feedback is appreciated. I cannot believe the amount of time it takes to recount an average day! I really thought I could hammer out 1 day per day, but I was wrong! Your patience is appreciated as I try to make the stories as linguistically flawless as possible.


Bossman18013 54M/54F

9/4/2005 7:52 pm

this is a great story, keep um coming, No Pun Intended, LOL

rm_jacexprime2 41M
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9/5/2005 3:45 pm

Did you mean Rockstar Games?? If so, I assume you're a GTA player. That's cool! I dunno though. Stealing a car in a flooded city wouldn't be much fun. I do feel for those people down there though. Lots of horrible shit is happening besides the natural disaster, and all for what? Just another example of people at their worst.

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