A week as a sex slave: Wednesday  

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9/28/2005 12:14 pm

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A week as a sex slave: Wednesday

It was a bright fall day, unusually cool for the time of year. The Sebring shot along 65 towards UAB effortlessly, my leadfoot tendencies overridden by cruise control. Downtown and the University exit slid past, and I coasted through the school towards 19th. A sharp right and 1 minute later I was searching for a parking place in 5 points. I spotted Paul before a spot though, so I guided the car next to him and slew the horn, getting a gratifying start from him.

"Not cool, Vars. Not cool!" he joked as he opened the door.
"Where to, monsieur?"
"Cambell, 14th and University. My bag here?"
"In the back." I directed. I rolled the end of the block and turned right, then repeated the procedure to angle us towards University. We rode in silence for a minute befor Paul told me to turn left.

Following his instructions, we navigated through UAB until we reached a parking lot.

"Walk with me." Paul said as he climbed out. "Vars, c'mon." he ordered when he saw I had remained seated.

I unhappily followed, wishing only to get my errands done in time. I followed him inside a building and through the corridors until we reached a door to which he had a key. After unlocking it, he held it open for me, followed me in, then shut and locked it behind us. We were in a computer lab, the only glow from the phophorescent screens. Paul flicked a light switch. Long halogen tubes flickered to life overhead, showing three rows of tidy computer stations. Paul walked to the back where A separate terminal sat, one used by moderators of the lab. He clicked a light on at the station.

"Go turn out the overhead." he commanded. I did as I was told, padding to the wall, flipping the switch, then returning to the lone console. Paul had rolled the chair back and was sitting, legs spread and cock out.

"Suck me." he ordered.

I knelt on the tile and took him in my mouth, sucking him enthusiastically. A few minutes and he was rock hard.

"Put my cock in your pussy." he ordered.

I stood, turned around, and lowered myself to his lap, careful to not scratch his cock on my skirt. I was dripping wet by now; a quick rub and he was inside me. Facing away from him, he gripped my ass and guided me up and down until I felt him tense. A shallow grunt and I felt his first jet of cum fill me. He worked to be quiet, almost successfully, until his orgasm was over. I sat for a minute longer, letting him relish the feeling my my pussy against his penis, before my legs could no longer take it. I stood up and felt a stream of cum run down my inner thigh. He rezipped his pants, composed himself, and we headed back to the car.

This time he gave me the correct directions to Cambell. I dropped him off with a peck and watched him inside before leaving to go about my errands. My already limited time was now more limited thanks to Paul. Maybe the race team would be late...

rm_4nik8_4u 62M
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9/29/2005 11:37 am

I couldn't think of a better diversion!

Redjeep91 59M

9/30/2005 9:08 am

mmmm very good diversion. Aren't you glad the detour was made!

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