A Weeks as a sex slave: Wednesday (cont.3)  

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A Weeks as a sex slave: Wednesday (cont.3)

Errands didn't take quite as long as I expected. Wal-greens was the last, quick stop before heading home. I remember this because the under-twenty cashier stared at my chest the entire time I checked out - perhaps two minutes. If I were to have robbed him, he wouldn't be able to give a description of me! Except, maybe to say "she had nice tits."

Maybe there's a new career here...

It took me three trips to get the bags inside the house. Mistress's door was still shut, so she was either still with her first client or the race team had arrived. Either way, the milk still had to get into the fridge. As I was finishing with the groceries, the door opened and out came mistress and her first client. She saw him to the door with thanks and assurances, then walked to the kitchen.

"I can't believe him!" she stormed. The next five minutes involved me listening and her ranting.

"I'm sorry, Vars. I don't mean to take it out on you." she apologized.
"Its not a big deal. Really. I understand that-
"I should make it up to you." she cut me off. "Maybe I can do that and have you do a little work with the race team..." she mused.

I was nervous. Mistress musing was exciting, but dangerous.

"I'd like you to get the red dress, Vars. Wear it, I mean. I want to make sure the team is comfortable, so I'd like you to act like a waitress, sort of."
"Yes mistress." I gulped.
"Good girl. Go change and come back to my office."

I went to my room, shed my almost-normal outfit and donned the nearly translucent dress that barely covered my body anyway. The bottom of it was slit to my waist on both thighs and came to just below my ass. If I walked anyhow but upright, you would see a cheek. To top was a spaghetti strap, low cut to reveal most of my tits. The fabric was thin and stretched around them, making soft nipples visible and hard ones stand out. In-between, the fabric was stretchy and clung to my body, enhancing it.

I returned to the office to find mistress again in her chair. She sat back, legs spread and propped on her desk, with a large blue dildo in her ass and the purple one in her pussy.

"Are you horny, Vars?" she asked.
"Yes, mistress."
"Have I made you wet?"
"Yes, mistress."
"Good." she lifted herself from the chair, leaving the blue dildo suctioned to the chair.

"Sit." she ordered.

I hesitated, unsure of what she wanted me to do exactly.

::sigh:: "Vars, put it in your ass." was the command.

I lowered my ass, feeling the tip of the dildo press against my asshole. Though already slick, I used a hand to rub it against my ass more thoroughly, then continued my slide down. It was a long dildo, and I could feel it touch far inside my ass.

Mistress went to the drawer and removed a large red dildo and some lube. She did a quick hand job, then handed me the dildo. Without an order, I thrust it inside of me, eager to feel the pleasure.

"I want you to pleasure yourself Vars. I am going to do the same. Enjoy for a minute."

I needed no coaxing. Feverishly I began to fuck myself, my moans growing with each thrust. Mistress was doing a job on herself as well, working herself towards a nice orgasm.

Ding dong!

"Shit." mistress breathed. With a sigh, she removed the dildo from herself and went to the drawer confused but very frustrated, wanting only to cum, I did not stop.

"Var, stop. Thats an order."

I whimpered, but continued. A glare from my mistress told me it was indeeed time to stop. I removed both the dildos and returned them to the drawer.

"Get some glasses of water, wait 5 minutes, then bring them in."
"Yes mistress."

I went to the kitchen, very horny and very wet. I filled the glasses, then ducked in the bathroom to clean up a bit. When 5 minutes had passed, I grabbed the glasses and knocked.


I pushed the door open and entered to find 4 young men, setaed in a half circle, staring at me. I passed the water around, asked if there was anything else, then bowed out.

"Who was that?" was the question sa I was leaving.

Without further instructions, I went to the kitchen and flipped on the tv. The View was on, so its what I watched. Mistress came in a few minutes later, looking for a pad.

"I'll get one from upstairs. Anything else?"
"No, we're fine for now. This should be quick."

Good, I thought. Dripping, I went upstairs and got the pad. God, I wanted a cock, a dildo, anything!

Again, the stares from the bikers were unabashed. I handed the pad to mistress, gave them each a smile in turn, and left. If I had to be horny, they might as well be too.

True to her word, the meeting ended shortly. Each team member made a pass at me as he left, but a simple smile and a "no thanks" was sufficient. Mistress saw them to the door, then closed and locked it. She turned, hands at her jacket. In a second it was gone, followed by her skirt which she unzipped, let fall, and kicked away.

She stood, gloriously naked, in front of me. She had worn nothing during either of those meetings except a jacket and a skirt.

She walked to me, threw the dress over my head, then tossed it away. She then kissed me hard. We were rolling on the ground before we knew it, then turned to bury our faces in our pussies. She orgasmed almost immediately, then worked me over expertly until I came. This pushed her into a second orgasm. We laid, exhausted, until mistress got up to get a bite of lunch.

"How about we lay out this afternoon? There are things we SHOULD be doing, but, y'know..." she trailed off.
"I think that sounds fantastic. A little food, a little nap..."
"My thoughts exactly." she said.

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10/4/2005 10:34 am

very nice Varsana!!! i stroke myself constantly while reading your blogs!!! i especially love that the boys share you in the mornings and you also easily and readily take them in your ass great reading hun!! beau


10/4/2005 3:41 pm

WoW, very impressed. I just found your profile the other day and no I am constantly looking for it... Great read...

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