Oh you wacky swingers  

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2/16/2006 6:30 pm

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Oh you wacky swingers

Sex clubs have always been fascinating to me. It's just a brilliant idea, I think: Getting a bunch of like minded people together to meet up and have a wonderful, nasty time together.

I've known quite a few people who've done this. They always describe what happened with a smile as they go back to all that fun... but none of them seem to have gone recently. It's odd - if it was fun one time, why not go back for more?

Does fun like that have a shelf life? Or is it just something that is inherently scary, and it's fun to get that close to that much intensity, but difficult to repeat the trick?

Obviously, I have no frame of reference because I've never gone to one. That intensity I mentioned is powerful. I don't know why. Somehow the idea of getting rid of all the standard rules, taking off my clothes, and hanging out with similarly naked, horny people is just too much.

When I talk to people who've done it, I regard them with equal parts envy and awe. It's like talking to an astronaut. "You went where? Oh! Lucky! (Pause.) What? Me? Go up in the air in that thing!?! Oh hell no! That's terrifying!"

I don't doubt you people who do it regularly are either hardened to it, or just have that moxie where nothing gets you. I imagine going to one and standing stock still to the point I draw looks from people. Not good ones either.

Like I say, I'm envious and in awe of you people. I don't think it's my scene - but it sure is something for me to think about.

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