I want to taste her..  

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7/25/2005 7:03 pm

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I want to taste her..

..I've been playing over and over the many possible scenarios of what could happen when we meet Friday. We've bounced around the idea of just meeting up for sex and rationalized it with that fact that we are two grown women who have not had sex since our ex-girlfriends. And, we just simply deserve to indulged one another.

But, she wanted to know if it would prevent us from getting to know each other with the possibility of a serious relationship. I'm keen to the idea because our conversations have been anything and everything but phone sex and I'm actually glad about that. We've been talking about our likes and dislikes and it seems as if we have more in common than what I originally thought. And, I've discovered some things I would not have thought.

But, I asked if she ever taken any naked pictures or been taped during sex and she said no. My jaw dropped and I knew she was not lying. And, my first thought was: I would love to be the first. She has the most beautiful smooth dark skin and I would love to have access to still images of her body when I can't have her around.

In the end, I can see myself spending any free time I have with her. And, even making time to spend with her. She gives me butterflies. A conversation wtih my Island Girl led me to realize that if that were to happen other opportunities of sexual freedom would be a no go.

So, I'm hoping that I'll get a chance with her before things get serious with my "prototype."

It has been extremely hot outside so I avoided going out yesterday and today which meant no gym but I did do pilates. Friday is just days away. And, I'm being as patient as I possibly can.

So.. ..Wish me luck.. ..I don't think that I'll need it. But, I'd rather a serious relationship over random fucks. You know what I'm saying?

Picture: I say ride 'em cowboy.. ..err.. ..cowgirl. My 'x' & I.. ..She was riding and I was gliding.

Which makes me wonder: Are there any guys out there that like to get pegged? I don't think that is one of the strangest request I've ever received. I must say the weirdest hands down was being ask to kick a guy in the balls.

Makes you wonder.

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