Teach a man to fish  

endowed_4_fun 43M
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7/5/2006 2:53 pm
Teach a man to fish

It seems I am far from alone in lamenting about the quantity (if not the quality) of fake profiles on this site. So, instead of continuing to beat that dead horse, I've decided to redirect my intent and focus mainly on the travails of my triathlon training. Good times.

Todays episode relates to a few days ago when I was chatting with a friend. She mentioned that she had recently gone fishing. In addition to being, well, shocked at this, I was also reminded of my frequent runs along one of the many canals that interweave our community -- invariably I will pass at least one person fishing in the canal. At first I didn't really notice or care. But, now I started wondering about this. I had thought that all our canal water had gone through at least one dam/power generating station. Can fish make it through those turbines? If not, how do fish get on the other side? I assume there must be fish in the canal, otherwise why would anyone get the idea to start fishing in one? I have so many questions...

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