endowed_4_fun 43M
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7/2/2006 9:22 pm

I got my weekly AdultFriendFinder "New Matches" e-mail today. Oh, joy! Two of the profiles (different listed ages, even) had the *exact* same photo. And another had a photo that I've seen on at least three other profiles here. Gee, wonder if I might find my dreamwoman among the group...

It got me to thinking, though. Exactly where do these fake female prolifes (FFPs) come from? I can't imagine that this sort of scam can be successful at all in getting guys to sign up for outside paysites. And is it worth it for them to just get an e-mail address where they can direct spam to? Perhaps (just perhaps) AdultFriendFinder sets these FFPs up themselves. the ratio of males to females on this site is staggering (11:1), and it would be much worse without the FFPs, maybe around 20:1. Most guys are pretty confident (and stupid) when it comes to sex, but there has to be a cutoff point where the meat market is just not worth entering. So is it possible that AdultFriendFinder publishes these formulaic FFPs to keep the guys hopeful (and their wallets open)? Certainly, they don't do much to weed out many FFPs, as it would be quite easily done during the "approval" process. Just a thought. Hopefully, posting this won't get me kicked out -- only speculation, after all.

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