Just so you know...  

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6/26/2006 10:10 am

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Just so you know...

I see a lot of women on this site complaining that they get too many emails from guys that ask if they are "real" or not. Now, I can understand how frustrating it might be to get hundreds of e-mails everyday that are just one line asking "Are you for real?" It must be a little confusing, too.
Here's why it happens: at least half of the female profiles on this site are fake. They are written by men, contain photos stolen from everywhere, employ cute-sy usernames, and have intros that usually contain a sentence similar to "I really love sex and can't get enough of it." If you write to one of these profiles, it will write you back with an email address to contact them outside AdultFriendFinder. Whomever it is at that e-mail will ask that you sign up for a paysite to see "her" "real" profile.
This is based on my experience with one of the first people I tried to contact here. It only takes one of these experiences to be able to quickly discern the fake profiles. Most are usually laughably incoherent and senseless, and contain common errors which I chronicle in my profile intro, endowed_4_fun.
A few, however, have quite cleverly disguised profiles and at first seem like real women. Their reply email quickly gives them away, but it is more than a little disappointing to find that you sent a thoughtful, heartfelt e-mail to some guy who can't even speak English.
Which brings me to my point: as frustrating as it is for you to get the "are you real?" e-mails, it is equally as frustrating for us guys to send out all these e-mails and only get responses that are merely solicitations. So, please, have some sympathy and understanding and maybe don't be quite so dismissive of us guys who can't always tell who's real and who's not.

lollipopp37 49F

6/26/2006 11:21 am

Wow...i had no idea! I don't get those "are you for real" emails...perhaps my profile is NOT too good to be real! LOL Anyway, I do feel for you guys... Women have it much easier, at least on here. I get plenty of emails from men that are real. The toughest part for me is to decide if i want to meet them! I am not the perfect woman..no perfect body..but I can get laid easy. I thank God I'm not a man...Good luck..from your pic..you probably do well anyway!

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