Showing it all off on-camera  

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9/6/2005 11:19 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Showing it all off on-camera

I found my old webcam yesterday. I'd bought one a couple years ago, for long-distance communication, and figured I lost it... but I found both it and its software. Eagerly hooked it up yesterday... and yes, you CAN broadcast via dialup (although it's bad quality and people complained of fuzziness... my thought was - I'm naked, on camera, you're watching me, what do YOU have to complain about? hehe).

My heart was pounding as I arranged it and turned it on for the first time... just my breasts showing. My nipples have been dry, so I decided to moisturize them, and why not let people watch? I didn't stay on long, but watching people respond like crazy (after all, there aren't many women on cam at all... not compared to men) to me rubbing and tweaking my nipples... turned me on a LOT. And made me a little nervous...

...but nervous be damned yesterday. I'd gotten REALLY wet while playing with my breasts, so I decided - hey, my pussy needs shaving, why not treat the public to a viewing of same? Arranged the camera somewhere else, arranged the desk lamp so things were visible, got a towel and a razor and some water and a washcloth and I actually SHAVED MY PUSSY ON-CAMERA. People seemed to like that one too.

I was a little more unnerved, just looking at the badly-spelled, crude, blunt, and in some cases just plain wrong messages I'd been paged with. Several guys were angry I hadn't responded to them while I was busy obviously doing something else with my hands.

Not being fully creeped out yet, I was still soaking wet and crazed for an orgasm. And having no plans for the evening, I figured the cam would be a good outlet. I spent some time arranging and focusing and lighting again... then went all out with the masturbation, rubbing my breasts and thrusting them at the camera, then leaning back, my pussy up on a pillow so everyone could see what I was doing, putting one then two then three then FOUR (I haven't done that forever!) fingers into myself, spreading my lips wide, and sliding my favorite little Pocket Rocket in and out of me, teasing my clit with it... till I came, quick and hard. Licked my juices off my fingers for good measure...

...and turned off the cam and thought, "What the hell have I just DONE?!?"

That is the single sluttiest thing I've ever done in my whole life. My face wasn't visible - not the first two times, and only barely the third time - but I was just showing myself off to people like a piece of meat. It was erotic... until I read the messages people had left. I don't want to talk about them. All I have to say is... slimy and gross. And I felt slimy and gross for having displayed myself to the slimy and gross.

I'm still feeling slimy and gross this morning, as if I'd just fucked a bunch of strangers who'd used me like a blowup doll and left me on the floor. Do strippers feel like this? Maybe, yeah. But they get paid, which makes up for it... and they don't have to read messages about what the audience members would like to personally do to them... (Although they do have to endure shouts and stares, probably worse. Then again, they're getting PAID.)

I do get my fair share of slimy/gross messages via mail and network invites on this site... in fact, I'd say most of them edge into slimy just a bit ("want 2 met u" is one kind of slimy, "Hey baby, i'll make you scream my name all night long" is another, but most messages are one or the other.) Only a few go all the way into gross. On the cam, too much feedback ended up in the "gross" category.

I should have known, but still, I wanted to be an exhibitionist yesterday, damn the audience. And I did. I did it. Now I can cringe and try and recover from my embarrassment... and see if I've still got the stomach for recreational sluttitude, or if I should go back to being a good girl for a while.

If I do end up remaining a recreational slut for a while, my encounters will lack the "look-how-freaky-I-am" component... it'll just be me, a bed, a friend with benefits, and affectionate, playful, comfortable sex. Between me and a guy I like, without the posing and posturing, without the game-playing, without having to pretend we're someone we're not.

That sort of sex doesn't make for as good a blog as the "look-how-freaky" kind... but I can't do freaky right now. I did freaky last night, and that was enough freaky for now.

You never know, though. My libido is variable throughout the course of one day, much less a whole week. As much as I want my real-life encounters to be easy and friendly, I could be back on cam masturbating for the masses any time... it really DID turn me on, and if I don't bother reading the messages people send me while I'm on camera, maybe I won't be as creeped out. And the first time one does something new, sexually, one can be unnerved by it. It might take practice.

Yeah, I'll probably be back on cam at some point. I still need to get a mask.

rm_cheifiwanaho 40M

9/6/2005 2:29 pm


There are a ton of creeps on this site who have no idea how to approach a woman, or speak to a woman, or respect a woman, which is why they end up on this site making creept comments. Why am I here? Well, I haven't been able to meet a woman to match my libido, which may be an impossible feat, but I'll still keep my hopes up. Still, I know what is creepy and gross, and know what you are saying.

SenatorSlurp 33M

9/6/2005 6:51 pm

I don't think it's creepy at all. In fact, I find it kind of sexy.

Want to hook up sometime, empress? I'm ready anytime.

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9/7/2005 6:44 am


Emperess Evie's Blurry Video Network

Sunject to Libido Scheduling

Stay tuned for another freaky sesion.

OMG this is the best sex blog I have ever read. LOL You are nuts!

Hey i dont ask for much: I will never meet you, I will never send you weird emails or gross pages....

All I ask for is an email of when the next show is. LOL

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