Emma Janes Intoxicated Tonight  

emmajanetx 30F
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8/28/2005 12:21 am

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2/27/2007 2:04 am

Emma Janes Intoxicated Tonight

Yeah I know I'm under 21 but I was given my 'first shot' of Old Crow bourbon whiskey when I was 8 years old. It was my mama that poured it for me too.

Lets see the computer clock says its Sunday, August 28thAM a few hours before dawn. The great
weather today in Houston has been thunderstorms.
The humidity is in the high 80% and low 90% area.

What that means is it feels like the mid-90s tonight and the temperature is in the mid-70s.
I live on the 4th floor of an old apartment building that was built before people expected to have airconditioning to live. The place is so roomy and has big windows that swing open. I love those windows.

I haven't bothered to put in a window unit eather
because I don't want to have one of those windows
removed and boarded up for a airconditioner. In
6 more weeks it will be October so milder days aren't that far away. Besides I am a healthy 18
year old and a little sweaty heat won't kill me.
One of the guys who sent me a message about my
AdultFriendFinder profile is in the Iraq desert and it gets up
to 130 to 135 degrees (?wow?). If that is true I
think I'm sort of cozy and comfortable in this

I listed my profile and let it be viewable for
something over 48 hours. I got 122 messages from
guys and decided to make it unviewable because I
was shocked by the numbers of men sending me all
those messages.

As a "standard member" I can only answer 10 or 12
messages in 24 hours. Then I get a screen telling
me to upgrade my membership to be allowed to send
all the message answers I want to men who already have "gold" and "silver" memberships. So I am puzzled and don't know what to think about that if anything?

Well, it gives me a chance to slow down to a pace
thats easy to manage. I suspect limits and rules
about exchanging email addresses are there to keep the "for profit" minded posers from using AdultFriendFinder as a cash maker.

The job I have to earn cash is I'm a dancer at a
nudie bar. Well it certainly wasn't something I
had in my head to do as a kid growing-up in the Ozarks. I suppose I ought eat some food and go to sleep now.

JDavidGoetz 39M

8/28/2005 6:34 pm

you right to be mad about people doing you like that, i just came on here to meet new people, and let things happend but i get pissed off when i see women do you like that anyway i hope u will at least post more entries

rm_startup1962 53M
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8/31/2005 4:37 am

Why dont you visit the India chat room and see the desperation there. You will find the male , female ratio in the order of 10:1. All the males are trying so hard to get the attention of the females there, that it has to be seen to be believed. ( This of course includes me)

In these circumsatnces you are much better placed. Just enjoy all that attention.

rm_jon6945 59M

10/5/2005 2:05 pm

I think you are a free-spirited gorgeous lil' thing! I know that God put women like you on this earth to give us men something to cheer about. I would love to come over and get hot and sweaty with you,LOVE your body and your attitude,your awesome!!!!!!!!!! jon6945

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