Why Haven't You Been Writing Those Cute Little ...  

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8/17/2005 2:51 pm

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Why Haven't You Been Writing Those Cute Little ...

Love Letters?

You want kobe with those fries?

P2P exhaustion. *PD* has exhausted me to the point there is not longer *C* ( I can only *S* so many nodes) leaving me to *D* out of frustration, taking my 'Nash' equalibrium to 'Road Trips' (a very small,yet benign commmunity) where there can be continued *T*,*R* and *Pi* ( I'm selfish...not malicious). I set up automated messaging (*Ai*) so as not to lose complete *Ci* or *Pi* hopefully reserving enough capacity to generate queries with this NETWORK until I finish catching up with REAL LIFE scenarios...LOL

SEXUALLY however..I show no sign of exhaustion and my *T*,*R* and *Pi* are still HOT TO TROT


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