71106 wild weekend gone  

elmo991200 39M
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7/10/2006 10:30 pm
71106 wild weekend gone

well its back to work tomorrow night, thank god. ive been sick as hell for the past week or so and am finally feeling better. had a pretty nice encounter with a friend this past weekend. been knowing her for a little while now and decided to meet finally for some movies and cuddling. things went pretty well too. watched the new release annapolis, and then attempted watching shawshank redemption. we didnt make it into shawshank too far though.

as we were laying there on the couch we got comfortable and then adjusted ourselves. during the adjusting, lol, somewhat unplanned we ended up making some really good eye contact and from there it lead to kissing, from there, fondling, from there, about 3 hours later, we finally were wore out and i have to say, probably the best night of sex ive had that i can recall.

she lives 3 hours away and although the nights we get together will be few, i will be anticipating the next meeting with enthusiasm. ill be sure to pickup some ky before the next meeting.

thats it for this episode.

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