Racial Sensitivity  

ellis007 46M
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7/19/2006 7:58 am

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7/25/2006 9:22 pm

Racial Sensitivity

I was chatting with this super sexxxxy woman yesterday (Looking Trouble06...BTW...I AM GOING TO GET THAT AND WILL PROVIDE PICS). We got on the subject of the movie "Crash". That conversation reminded me of an incident that happened in my classroom once (yes, I am a horny ass Special Education teacher). I was in Johnston Co (1989 huge KKK sign in the middle of Hwy 301) in my classroom. Let me just say, I was already a little uncomfortable being in Smithfield already (1989) but, you gotta pay the bills right? The women there treated me like a KING!!!DAMN THE MEMORIES!! Anyway, this kid in my class, a black kid, had what appeared to be a ringworm on the back of his head. I asked my assistant, "does this look like a ringworm to you?" Her reply sent racial equality back 400 years. Mind you it was 2003!! She said, "I don't know. They tend to look different on colored people!" I did not know if I was pissed, annoyed or just plain disturbed. I said "colored people?" She said (while rubbing her arm), "yes. Colored people." I was shocked that in 2003 this woman still viewed blacks as colored people. That is a damn shame. Message to blacks and whites: Let's look beyond the color of a persons skin and into their soul. Looking Trouble06 is a wonderful woman (yes, she is white). Even if plans fall through (I will be disappointed), I have made a great friend.

Keep doing what you're...I like what you're doing!!

luvlee_j1 48F

7/19/2006 8:47 am

Being a black male..you should know that racisim will always exist. Growing up bi-racial (actually Tri-racial..blk, wht, hispanic), in Ca., i didn't go through any of that untill i moved to the south, i actually had a man ask me "What do you people like to be called" and that was 2005! So ignorence still exists, and probably always will, just keep in mind, that is all it is!

ShyWhisper2006 54F
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7/19/2006 9:01 am

It is a shame that many do not see what lies beneath the exterior of another...so much is missed and undiscovered by quick judgments and ignorance...thank you for posting this

digdug41 50M

7/19/2006 9:22 am

whoever fights monsters know it will exist until the end of time its sad but true

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free2chose2 67F

7/19/2006 9:34 am

it's a matter of perspective, my mother(in her 80's)prefers to be called "colored"
I lived thru the "black is beautiful" decade
I am an American who "happens" to be black with full knowledge of my heritage

Don't worry, be Happy

TonyPlays 65M

7/19/2006 9:39 am

I'm Hispanic and I run into racism. Sometimes I'll walk into a store and I immediately sense that I have been profiled as a potential trouble maker. Sometimes a security guard will follow me around.

If I let it, it can get to me. But I make an effort to ignore it. I really don't need to involve myself in other people's ignorance.

MsLoveRose 34F  
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7/20/2006 6:26 am

ohhh the race card...such an aweful thing...and to think the people who have racial issues think nothing is wrong with them.........

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