A Romance Novel...  

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8/9/2006 7:31 pm

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A Romance Novel...

Yes, before i get this going here I want to assure you, everyone, that I know this is a SEX and SWINGERS site. I also said this was going to be a place for quotes, because I'm kind of a geek for stuff like that; fiction, little blurbs/ barbs, lyrics, movie lines, blahblah.

Soooo here's the deal: I've been slogging through Les Miserables for six months now, and an abridged version at that. It's finally getting good, at page 536. Seriously, though, it's an amazing work by Victor Hugo, and i just wanted to share something I read today. It's a little sweet for this place, but too perfectly describes this experience, a universal thing. Here it is:

"Gradually they began to talk. Overflow succeeded to silence, which is fullness. The night was serene and splendid above their heads. These two beings, pure as spirits, told each other all their dreams, their frenzies, their ecstasies... They confided to each other ... all that was most hidden and most mysterious of themselves. These two hearts poured themselves out from each other, so that at the end of an hour it was the young man who had the young girl's soul and the young girl who had the soul of the young man. They interpenetrated, they enchanted, they dazzled each other.

When they had finished, when they had told each other everything, she laid her head upon his shoulder, and asked him:

'What is your name?'
'My name is Marius,' said he. 'And yours?'
'My name is Cosette.'"

Next time it's back to my old cynical self, keeping it balanced.

curvymeli 40F

11/19/2006 12:28 am

I love Les Miserables. Once you can get past all of the political stuff, there is such beauty in the way that humans give to one another. For political ideals, for one anothers' successes, to be willing to give everything away to be sure someone else finds happiness ...

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