Meet me soon?  

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5/29/2005 11:27 pm

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Meet me soon?

Another wasted night. I sat at the bar, so disenchanted, disappointed, and unsatisfied. Earlier in the day, I had gone to great lengths, to ensure that tonight would be special. I had known that this time, I could bring back some of the excitement and heat back to my marriage.

I had taken a long luxurious bath, using my most fragrant and exotic oils. Soaking in the tub, thinking of the night I had planned. Stroking my nipples gently as the jets in the tub pulsated around me. Leaning back planning each erotic move of the evening. Finally I stepped out of the tub, brushing my long, lustrous red hair, till it shined. Carefully applying my makeup. Taking great pains to look seductive, maybe even a little slutty, my lips painted red, as I was feeling so bold.

I laced myself into my black corset, that had been languishing in the drawer for far too long. Slipped into a new lacy black G-string that I had splurged on earlier in the day, as I ventured into one of those shops that specialize in "naughty pleasures". I rolled up my silk stockings and attached them to the garters, slipping my feet into a pair of high heels, just spiked enough to make me look dangerous. It had been so long since I have had any naughty pleasure, since I have had any pleasure at all. But tonight I was going to revive the spark between us.

I put on some nice soothing music, and lit my favorite candles, I had a stack of DVD's that I had rented from the Adult section of our local video store, I remember blushing as I rented them, but also that warm flush feeling traveling all the way down to my warm female center. I dimmed the lights, and waited for my husband to come home.

At precisely 7pm, the car rolled up, I took one last look in the mirror, making sure everything was in place, feeling bold and confident I opened the door, expecting to see a look of shock, and then one of appreciation on his face. He stepped into the doorway, I moved forward to take his briefcase. Bending in close to give him a kiss, giving him a glimpse of my pink nipples straining thru the corset. With great anticipation I waited for his response. Thinking he would pull me to him and kiss me deeply and roughly, maybe even throw me to the floor and make love to me right there. Tonight I knew would be different then all the nights we have had the last few years.

As I bent to kiss him, he looked at my curiously, then much to my dismay, flicked on the lights. What is for dinner he asked, coyly I answered me.... With that he moved to the kitchen and got himself out a nice cold beer. "What has gotten into you? You have been reading to many romance novels I see." With that he pulled out some cold chicken and took his place in his beloved lazy boy, turning on the TV and asking me to turn that music off. This has happened before, in fact, this is all that ever happens. I had always thought that husbands wanted wives that would think exotic thoughts, act out on fantasies. But for years my marriage lacked all sexual intimacy and I was at my breaking point.

As he flipped through the news channels, I slipped a black dress over my head, grabbed my keys and purse and walked out. I don't even think he noticed I was gone. Determined not to cry, I just drove. I wasn't walking out on my marriage. Despite the lack of sexual intimacy, we had other things within the marriage that worked for us as a couple. But my body, no make that my SOUL craved sex again. Craved that feeling when you are with a partner, that electricity flowing, when its so overwhelming you can't bring yourself to speak, only to act, driven by a force so strong, so basic, until you came together and cried out as one as that need was fulfilled.

I didn't know where to go, only that I did not want to go home and wallow in my disappointment. I drove towards the city, as I drove by one of the finer hotels in the business district, I slowed the car down. I had heard that they had a nice restaurant and bar inside, and even if I had to eat alone, I was going to splurge and give myself an evening out. I got a funny look from the hostess as I entered the restaurant. I guess my flaming red hair, black dress and spiked heels was a bit more risque then they were use to seeing there, especially for a woman alone.

There was that word again. Alone. Certainly I could relieve my sexual frustrations alone, but toys had grown old, I wanted the spark that can only come from another human, someone who would make love to me, tenderly, then ferociously, drinking from my sex, seeing into my soul, where the well of eroticism waited to be played in.

I was getting a lot of looks in the restaurant, so I decided to take a seat at the bar. As I crossed the room, my eyes caught sight of a well dressed gentleman. He was sipping a drink, his tie loosened and his mind looked a million miles away. I sighed in empathy for him, I knew somehow exactly what he was feeling. As I took a seat at the bar, crossing my long legs, this mystery man must have heard my sigh, because just at that moment, as I as looking over my shoulder, he looked up, right into my blue eyes, I felt a surge of electricity. Wishful thinking as I turned away, my panties a bit damper then they were when I began that trek to the bar. I ordered a white wine. What I really wanted was a shot and a beer, but I thought that might be too much for the owners of this fine Establishment, who were already looking at me, as if I might be a working girl, and I don't mean in the office.

As I sat there nursing my wine. I thought of all my options. I had heard of a kinky new sex club, and while I had no opposition to the idea of kinky sex, the whole group thing was a bit too much for me to contemplate. I was lost in thought, when I heard the stool next to me being pulled back. Stealing a glance I noticed the well dressed gentleman sitting beside me. Perhaps he felt that same jolt that I had. Trying to keep my self together, I continued to nurse my drink. Not wanting to assume anything. I had already been rejected once that evening and was looking to make myself look like a fool twice.

This mystery man and myself sat side by side for awhile. No words were spoken. I felt so drawn to him, but dared not speak. What would I say? Would I be able to speak? I motioned to the bartender, I was going to get my bill and get out, before I made a total fool out of myself. As I waved to catch his attention, a strong warm hand, reached out and grasped mine. He set our hand down on the bar, all I could think of was how it would feel to have those hands stroking my body, finally I skewed up the courage and looked up at him. Face to face, I was sure he could hear my heart beating. He spoke two words. "Allow me." Allow him! Allow him what, my brain was on fire, my leg brushed against his and I felt his hand on my thigh, as he spoke again, only this time with his fingers, as he stroked the silk of my stockings, all while looking straight into my eyes. I couldn't think. My mind was being overwhelmed by a wave of eroticism, that I had never known. As he paid my bill, he pulled a card out of his wallet, and on the back wrote down three numbers. He brushed my hair slightly as he leaned in and placed the card on the counter. He whispered, "I hope to see you again." I was perplexed at all that had went on, when I looked down I saw three numbers, 306. It took a moment to sink in, it was his room number. I didn't pick up the card, but i continued to look at it as my mystery man walked away. I stood up and started heading toward the door. But something in me hesitated. I went back to the bar and scooped up the card. I knew it was crazy, dangerous even, but a part of me could not turn back. I tried to talk myself out of it a million times, but eventually I found my way up to room 306. I raised my fist to knock on the door, but it opened, there was my mystery man, his tie now lying across the bed. As my eyes saw the bed, I began to blush again, I could feel the heat rising. Trying to ignore it, I looked up and said, "Hello, my name is Liz" He did not offer his name in return. I suppose perhaps I should have turned the card over, but a part of me was enjoying the mystery of it all.

He sat on the sofa and invited me to sit down next to him. We began to chat, not about anything important. I think we were both nervous, but as the anticpation began to build, he moved closer to me, his hand resting at the top of my stocking. He tilted his head towards mine and asked if he could kiss me. I leaned in giving him all the permission he needed. Together we sat there, like two teenagers necking, slow leisurely kisses. Soon, they kissed became deeper, our hands were begininng to roam, he slowly opened my dress and bent to kiss the pink nipples that were now straining against their constraints. I leaned my head back, enjoying this moment, remembering how it felt to be a woman again. I didn't need promises of forever, or even of tommorrow, but I needed this, right now, at this moment and I was going to take it. My clit throbbed, my heart was beating wildly, my hands began to stroke his cock thru his clothes. I didnt' know what would happen next and I didn't care. This felt good. Together we stood. I stepped out of my dress, he gently led me to the bed. I couldnt wait to find out what would happen next.

Tell me, what would you like to happen next?

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5/30/2005 12:43 am

Would like to poor sweet wine all over u, lick u from head right down ur clit to toe . make u hold on so tightly before allowing u to ride on me. we will change positionss till the cock crow climaxing together as our emotions explode

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5/30/2005 1:20 am

First i would slowly massage your legs until i got to the nector, oral pleasure to get you really wet and orgasming. At this time you are moaning and cant control your grip on my head with your sweet juicy thighs. After you have cum in my mouth letting me taste you start reaching to stroke my cock. But you start cumming again and me wanting more juice i keep licking and sucking. At this time you cannot take it want to get on top and ride my hard cock that pulses for you. I will let you stay as long as you want and keep recieving multiple orgasms.

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5/30/2005 2:30 am

i wannna fuckunow

ray_wolf 59M

5/30/2005 6:07 am

As you lay there all cute and cuddly with your head snuggled up on my chest, I slowly work my arm from under you. I walk around to the foot of the bed. I softly press my tongue up against your ankle and slowly move it upwards towards your calf, to the knee and finally get a taste of that succulent thigh. As I get to the top of thigh I put a whole new spelling into the succulent. The tip of my tongue gives long careful licks to the outer most areas of your groin as firmly massage your hips and waist. I insert my tongue into your navel and give it a twirl as my probing fingers move towards your breast deeply massaging you every inch of the way. As the hands finally get to there destination my fingers part and close then close encompassing your nipples as they squeeze and roll them softly at first but constantly adding a little more pressure. My tongue departs the navel area and continues its journey upwards as my hands find there way to your gorgeous hair and manages to weave through and massage your scalp.

My tongue finally comes to rest at a point between two hills and just twirls as it can't decide to take the road to the left or right. I wrap both arms around your neck as my tongue starts the journey up your sternum. As I have been fully erect for sometime by now I must fight the urge to just to plow into you with one thrust of my hips. My heart is beating and the blood is boiling and like a vampire I just clamp my mouth onto your soft neck and attempt to suck you inside out.

With my arms still wrapped around you I pull you up off the sheets about 5 inches and nibbling on your ears, giving you wet fast licks into the ear and rubbing my manhood between your slit and letting it brush up against your clit. I let you lay back down again and roll you over on your stomach, move your hair up and give a long, deep hard suck and kisses to the back of your neck as my hands firmly squeeze and massage your breasts. I release my mouth from your neck and let my tongue slowly slide down the center of your back, past your hips and waist and start to kissing on them thighs. I stand myself up on the floor and grab your ankles and pull you all the way back to the foot of the bed. I get back on the bed and straddle over you, grab your hands and pull them straight in front of to the head board. I intertwine my fingers with your and squeeze your soft hands. I rub and massage your arms, working my way down to your shoulder blades and deeply massaging your neck with my thumbs and fingers. I proceed to deeply rubbing and massage your back and began to firmly squeeze your sexy ass.

I rub down the back of your thighs parting your thighs and so I may rub their inner parts. I stand up place my arms under you and lift you up on your feet, press myself up against you from behind pull you tight into me while squeezing your breast and begin to suck on the back of your neck. I turn you to face me, pull you into my arms, squeeze you tightly, and meet you mouth to mouth exploring the inside of your wet mouth, sucking on your tongue and forcing my tongue into the back of your neck. I lean forward, lay you on your back, and get on the knees. I grab your waist with both hands, and let my tongue start tracing the outline of your bush. I moisten every single hair all the way down to the root with my lips and let my tongue just glide on the outer parts of your sweet vagina lips. I can't wait any longer and must get a taste so I let my tongue part your throbbing vagina and give it long slow deep wet licks. I just have to insert my tongue all the way in and give it a slow firm twirl tasting the inner most parts of your sweet flowing juices as they run down your inner walls.

I come up a few inches and slide my hands down your waist, with my fingers I expose your waiting clit. I place my whole over it, suck and catch it between my lips and let my tongue work on it as if it was an ice- cream cone on a hot summer day. I can hearing you moaning and I let my lips release your clit so that I may catch it between my teeth and gently grind your clit into ecstasy. I pinch and pull your clit with my fingers as I let the center of my tongue roll around it.

Tell me what would you like to happen next

elizaxxxxxbeth 55F

5/30/2005 7:52 pm

whew, I need to catch my breath after that post...but I will get back to you...SOON

ray_wolf 59M

5/31/2005 4:17 pm

somebody is knocking at the door, "roomservice!"

elizaxxxxxbeth 55F

6/1/2005 8:27 pm

CUM IN.........

ray_wolf 59M

6/1/2005 8:50 pm

She is young, a little shy, but she is sweet... let's sow her something she will never forget!
Turn over and put your ass up. Spread those great thighs wide and open those smooth ass cheeks, let me see the hole I'm about to get into.
OOOwee! Lady that sure is no virgin hole, I can tell that it's been well used. I like it, I really do, my rod likes it too. That's enough Lady, if I see it for too long I just might jump you. Now lay on your back put the pillow under your ass and open your thighs wide.
Now Sweet Lady I want to watch you turn yourself on, I want to watch as you caress your beautiful body. Let me enjoy myself by watching you fondle your magnificent tits. Get me all hot and excited by playing with your cunt...
Oh yesss Baby, excite yourself for me, concentrate on your tits for now. Use both hands on your beautiful boobs.
Squish them together. Oh wow! I like that... Now tease the nipples, roll them between your fingers, get them to stand erect...Use the palm of your hand to caress them...Yeah that's it, you're doing a great job. Wow you have such wonderful breasts, they're so huge and smooth, bet you can suck on the nipples, Yeah try it, let me see if you can do it...
Yeaa knew you could do it. What a wonderful sight, I just love to see a woman sucking and licking on her nipples, it's a real turn on for me, just look at my rod raising, getting longer and fatter. Give the other tit some of that hot wet tongue, always give both equal attention.
Sure would like to feel that tongue sliding over my head as those luscious lips hold my shaft in a tight embrace, to feel the hot wetness of the inside of you mouth on my head.
That's enough Sweet Lady. Now slide one hand down to your pussy and play with it, but only the outer lips, caress those juicy looking lips, right now your pussy is moist but I want to see in wet. I want to see your lubricating juice ooze out and creeps down over your asshole, I like the sight of an asshole coated with pussy juice, so just lay there and tantalize your cunt so that your juices treble down over your asshole...
Keep on playing with yourself Lady while I sit back here and watch, do it nice and slow, do it tenderly to excite yourself and give me a hard on, I'll just watch and enjoy, go for it Lady... Woo Lady you sure know how to tantalize yourself, your juice is flowing and your asshole is wet and slippery.
Now it's time for another treat, take the dildo beside you and turn it on, now slide the tip between your slit, that's it, now slowly slide it up and down your slit, that's it Baby slide it up to your clit, feel those pulsating vibes tease your clit, now slowly slide it down to your asshole and up again to your clit, feel and enjoy those splendid vibrations spread through your pussy and ass just like my vibrating cockring is spreading its sweet vibrations through my balls and shaft.
Lady you sure do have one juicy pussy, the juice is really oozing out of it and I want to lick it up so badly.
Lady you slide that dildo so well, I hope you can hold out for another five minutes, just keep on sliding that dildo up and down your slit while I watch you, five more minutes Sweets...
Thank you Lady. I'm gonna come and suck your pussy now. Keep the dildo on your ass till I get there...
Let me take the dildo so that you can use both hands to spread your cunt as wide as you can...
WOW! What a delicious hole, shit talk about hot pink, now I'm going to eat this delicious piece of flesh, I'm going to lick it, I'm going to chew it. Wish I could remove my teeth to give it a real good chew. I'm going to suck it and while I'm doing all those wondrous things to your pussy, I'll fuck your ass with the dildo, to loosen it up for when I'm ready to push my rod into it.
MMMMM you are delicious, wow sooo very very delicious Sweet Lady, let me dig in deeper. Wish I had a longer tongue Lady to really get deep inside. Lady this is ecstasy, a live wiggling tongue in your cunt and a vibrating dildo at the hole of your ass, I'm gonna push it in now, I'm gonna fuck you slowly with it, just relax and it will relax your muscles...
Yeaaa, you gotta be feeling super with my tongue in your pussy and the vibrating dildo in your ass...
Let me suck on your clit awhile... Let me beat it with my tongue... Let me squeeze it between my lips...I hear ya Lady. You're ready to cum, I'm here to catch it, let it cum for me, let me press my lips hard on your clit and dig my tongue deep into your slit,
let me feel your cum, ooow you are a grabber, your pussy is soo tight around my tongue. I can feel your hot juice, it's so hot, soo tasty. OOOOweee what a feast, ooh wow.
Oh Beautiful, your juice is so sweet, let me lick it all away, let me wash out you snatch with my tongue... Lady you know I do not want to stop but I got to for I've got a hard on that's aching for your ass.
Do you want to put on the joy jell? Be real generous with it for we want it to slide ever so smoothly. Oooh your hand feels good on it, I love the way you do it, here let me slip this vibrating egg into your pussy.
Now Sweet Lady, turn around and get up on your knees, I'll give it to you doggie fashion, for I want to watch as my cock disappear in your ass...MMMMM What a great looking ass. Spread your cheeks for me Honey, I want to see the hole I'm about to get into...Wow Lady like I said before that surly is not a virgin hole and I'm going to enjoy sliding into it.
Here comes my rod Lady, ready and eager to explore new depths, just let me rub it over your hole a few times...OOH that feels soo good...
Now Lady here it comes...
Wow its tight baby, real tight, so tight it hurts. What a sight to see, the way you're stretching as I push in. Never thought an ass could stretch so much. It's soo tight...You like it Lady? You digging it? Feels good don't it? I've never felt anything like this, Baby I want to enjoy it. I want to feel your tight ass around my shaft. I want to feel the heat of your body embrace my rod. I want to feel the sweet vibrations in your ass, vibrations from the egg in your pussy and my cockring.
I'm gonna ease a little deeper into your ass, enjoy Baby as I float away on these new sensations that I feel. Oh wow! My first ass. How sweet it is...
The head is in completely. Hurts a bit don't it? Turn your attention on the egg in your pussy, feel its steady vibration deep within you, concentrate on its pleasures, trip on its vibes. How does my vibrating rod feel?
I'll slide in slow an easy...Slow and easy baby.
Feel the egg in your pussy, feel my rod vibrating in your ass, feel the pleasures as I slide in real slow. I'm gonna cum soon Baby, that's how good you feel...
Don't hurt so bad now does it? Let me reach under and finger your clit... Let me excite your cunt while I fuck your ass...OOOH you are so wet and slippery, your clit so swollen and hard, it feels so good.
Your ass is so tight around my shaft, your body is soo hot and the vibrations feels so good, that's it move with me as I slowly slide up and down your tight hot slippery anal passage. Slow long steady strokes. it's a thrill to watch my rod disappear and reappear in and out of your body...
Oh Sweet Lady, I can't go any more, I'm ready to cum, Oh your ass feels so good, don't do that, don't work those muscles, you're killing me but I love it. work those muscles and milk me dry. Feel my cock jerk and swell, feel my hot cum squirt into the cavern of your ass. Feels good eh? Is this what you wanted to feel? Feel it Baby. Feel my hot thick cum in your ass. That's it push back on me. Work your muscles.
You're cumming now to aren't you? Your sweet juice is flowing. Well let it flow and I'll lick it all up in a minute...Oh wow I'm empty, I'm dry, that was wonderful, that was really great. Just give me a moment to watch my limp rod slide out of your ass. Beautiful sight.

Now Sweet Lady go down on her and dine on her sweet creamy pussy...
she is ready for you now...

elizaxxxxxbeth 55F

6/2/2005 10:25 am

I am trembling with desire, and trepidation. I kneel down before the beauty on the bed, slowly I push her legs apart, as I bend forward reaching for her cream filled pussy. I feel your stare upon me, and I want to please you. I reach for her pussy, and gently use my fingers to pull her cunt lips apart, as I give it a slow, long kiss. My tongue, tasting her sweet innocent honeypot. Its insanely sweet and I greedily suck her pussy. My hands reaching for her breasts, as I massage them while nibbling on her clit. She moans with desire. My pussy is dripping, showing how turned on I am. She is so nervous, I whisper " I will take care of you" I continue to explore her wonderful pussy. My fingers push inside of her as I continue to nibble her clit. I am probing and exploring, my tongue lapping up the delicious juices. My ass is aching from the fucking I just had, but still I want more. Our guest is beginning to really get into the experience. She asks me to turn over, and lay flat on the bed. I follow her instructions. She tells you, to eat my pussy, as she straddles my face and I rub my face in her hot snatch, teasing and probing with my tongue. Rubbing my face against her clit, while she moans in ecstasy and I feel my climax building again. Our guest is starting to feel the pulsating sensation as her climax builds. She is so juicy and delicious. Her firm round breasts, bouncing as she rubs her cunt into my face, the greedy bitch wants me to eat it all. I feel her juices begin to flow down my face.

My pussy is screaming with pleasure as you continue to eat me out. The three of us on the bed, the scent of sex so heavy in the air. The electricity between us is flowing, as we writhe and moan together.

Who will cum first, what will happen next? I am lost in the feelings of pleasure, I can only anticipate what will happen to me, to us, to this amazing feeling, can it get any better?

ray_wolf 59M

6/2/2005 4:39 pm

I start to tub myself enjoying the "show"

"WAIT" you shout, "we are not ready for you yet"! You move over to me and pushes me back on the bed. "Help me tie him up" you tell the maid... She obeys enjoying the moment. You tie me securely to the bed and you place a large pillow under my lower back pushing my hard cock way up in the air. I am very aroused with this and feel my cock getting harder every second. You move to the nightstand to your purse and take a cock strap and put a 7-inch dildo into it. You then secure it around my chin.

You and the maid start to lick my balls. One each you take them into your mouths swirling around with your tongues. The sensation is incredible - I feel a sexual wave of pleasure flow through me as you take long firm licks up the base of my cock and the maid continues to lick and suck on my balls. Pre cum starts to ooze from my dick and you quickly lap it up.

You then move to the dildo on my chin, kneel above my face and start to massage your clit. I have full view of your pussy and it is an incredible turn on watching you get wet right in my face. Slowly you lower yourself on to the dildo and I watch as it fills you up - juices dripping onto my chin. I feel the maid licking on my balls, I want to get up and fuck both of you right there but I am secured to the bed. Her tongue moves down from my balls and proceed to my ass hole. I have never experienced this before but it is quite exciting. She teases my ass with her tongue as you ride the dildo. I moan in pleasure enjoying all the sensations.

Suddenly she push something into my ass - Chinese love beads. This is a painful experience at first and a weird one. I have never had something up my ass before but the pleasure that swept through my body overcame all my inhibitions. Slowly she push in another and another until my ass is full with 5 beads. The sensation passes and she continues licking the tip of my cock.

You are close to coming now - teasing your clit with your fingers and riding my chin. The maid lowers herself onto my dick. I fill her up easily as she iss dripping wet. Both women are moaning now enjoying my body and the sexual tension in the air. The both ride me, she my cock you on my chin. I look over and see her hand moving to my ass. She begins to tug on the beads slowly pulling out of my ass.

I scream as I start one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

You scream and come on the dildo - you lift yourself off and push yourpussy into my mouth as you continue to cum.

She screames enjoying the sensation of finally being filled up with hard cock. She continues pulling the beads intensifying the orgasm even more.

In unison we all cum together, screaming, verbalizing our sex. I push my tongue into your pussy as you remove the dildo from my chin. you turned around into the 69 position and lick her clit as she finished her orgasm. She kisses you again tasting herself. You then push her of me and licked up all the remaining cum. She assistes. Now you are both licking me clean again. What a feeling of sexual release.

ray_wolf 59M

6/3/2005 4:14 pm

You take my hands and raise them above my head, I feel you hand cuff me to the headboard. You kiss me softly on the lips and lift yourself off me and walk away from me.
I feel a pair of hands at my feet spreading them apart and crawling up the bed between my legs slowly. As the pair of hands grabs my cock and lips wrap around the tip, I feel a gentle kiss on my lips then start moving towards my ear. I hear a voice, I recognize the voice as yours. The other person starts to suck lightly, stroking up and down my cock. Your tongue flicks my ear as you continue down to my chest. With both your hands on my chest you start to bite my chest, lick my nipples. I try to move unsuccessfully, forgetting about the handcuffs. The person sucking my cock starts to lick it up and down, licking and taking my balls into the mouth and sucking lightly. You turn and shove your pussy in my face . She continues to suck my balls as you start to lick my cock. My head tilts up as my tongue starts to flick your pussy. You shove yourself into my face further and my tongue darts into you. As you wrap your lips around my cock and start to suck, she climbs up beside me and removes the handcuffs.

I clutch your ass and spread you starting you dart my tongue in and out of you faster; she joins me as we both work your pussy. You start to suck harder, gliding your mouth up and down faster. She glides the tip of her tongue up your crack to your back as I start thrusting my face in and out against you. You clutch my cock with your hands as you ram your mouth up and down. The tip of her tongue glides all the way up your back to your neck. She starts to bite and suck your neck, her hands reaching around and clutching your tits. I pull my tongue out of you and start to suck as one of my hands starts to rub her pussy. As I start to slide my finger in and out of her pussy, you pull away from my face and turn around. Rubbing your pussy against my cock you start to kiss my chest. Continuing to finger fuck her as she lays flat, my free hand grabs your hair and pulls your head up to my face for a kiss. You push yourself up and slide my cock into you as you start to ride it up and down slowly. She gets up on her hands and knee and straddles my face as she starts to suck on your nipples. My hands spread her as I start to lick slowly. The harder she sucks your nipples the harder you slide down on my cock.

You get faster thrusting up and down with your knees. She lifts herself to her knees as my tongue slides into her. She starts to lift and lower herself over my face as I continue to dart my tongue in and out of her. You slow down and bear down on me grinding down sliding my cock deep into you and start to roll your hips. Suddenly you both lift off of me and get off the bed. You head to the washroom closing the door behind you.

As I open the door I see both of you in the Jacuzzi laying and relaxing. You open your eyes and look at me as I approach. You sit up as I step in and sit behind you, she continues to lie. I start to massage the back of your neck and shoulders. You roll your head and tilt it back as you feel me start to suck on the side of your neck. I work down your neck with my lips and start to bite lightly. You move to your hands and knees slowly and start to crawl over to her. With her eyes still closed you kiss her and work your way down her body to her chest. As you start to suck on her tits I move to my knees and slide up behind you. She reaches out and starts to roll your nipples between her fingers. I slide my cock into your pussy and start to thrust gently. You continue to suck her tits and one of your hands reaches up to squeeze them. I clutch your ass and squeeze tight as my cock continues to thrust in and out of you. You lift yourself slightly and place your hands on the sides of the tub as the force of my cock stroking in and out of you gets greater. You push back towards me and I hold you there circling my hip, pushing in hard and deep. Suddenly she gets out of the tub and as I pull back to thrust in you pull away and also get out. Both of you leave and close the door behind you again. I sit in the tub for a couple of minutes trying to figure out what to do.

I enter the bedroom to see that both of you are lying on the bed facing each other, her with her feet at the headboard and you with your head at the headboard caressing each other. I get on the bed and spread her legs. With your help we tie her legs to the headboard. Surprising you I grab the handcuffs and cuff your hands to the top of the headboard with you on your knees, whisper in your ear that now you can't go anywhere as I blind fold you. I get off the bed and you bring one of your legs over her. She clutches on to you and licks your pussy. You call for me. Just as your mouth closes you feel a gag get tied over your mouth. Just as she darts her tongue in your pussy you feel a leather belt gently run down your back. The belt pulls away from your back and you start to get nervous. You feel me rest a hand on the top of your ass, then "SLAP" you feel the belt hit your ass. You jolt downward into her face, not from pain, but more from fear. The belt pulls away as you lift back up. "SLAP" and again you jolt downward. I slap you 5 more times with very little pain to you, and each time you jolt downwards into her face as she licks and tries to suck your pussy.

I get on the bed behind you and slide me cock into her mouth and let her suck it a few times. I then stand up and slide my cock carefully into your ass while she continues to lick your pussy. Still cuffed to the headboard you clutch it as I start to stroke my cock in and out of your ass. Continually getting faster as I thrust down you lower your ass a little. You feel her face thrusting up against your pussy as I fuck you in the ass. I hear a muffled moan and reach up and untie your gag, letting it drop to the bed. You feel me getting deep with every downward thrust and you try to pull away unsuccessfully. I get faster as you start to moan louder on the verge of screaming, harder, deeper. You get more excited with every thrust I make and every thrust with her tongue. As you almost reach the peak of your excitement I pull my cock out and drop to my knees.

I watch her as she flicks you one last time. I bring my cock close to your pussy and tease you a little. Then I pound my cock deep into you and start sliding it in and out of you as she licks us both. Thrusting slowly at first, with each thrust in I get a little faster, a little harder and a little deeper. The feeling gets more intense, with her licking us as I'm fucking you. I then start taking rapid short strokes just half way into you. Getting faster, bigger, harder and deeper strokes. Clutching your thighs tighter, I'm pounding deep and fast. You scream out, "Oh yes............, Oh yes........., Oh yes......., Oh yes". Till you scream, O...o..o..o..ooooooooo". I pump my cock into you a couple more times as she licks up what ever runs out. I pull my cock out and slide it into her mouth and let her suck whatever is left over. I then pull away from her and slide up beside you, un-cuffing your hands and take the blind fold off as you fall to embrace me. We roll onto our sides as she unties her legs and lies beside you.

elizaxxxxxbeth 55F

6/6/2005 11:22 pm

I look over, above your shoulder. Its then that I notice the blinking green light on our camcorder. In my lust I hadn't been very aware of my surroundings, I had let myself give myself totally to your desires and now I see, we will watch it together later, and play again...


6/8/2005 6:15 am

i can help you outin a big way

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