When It Rains, The Damm Grass Grows!!  

electricbob3 63M
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7/23/2006 4:25 am
When It Rains, The Damm Grass Grows!!

Yep, it's decided dammit!! I'm putting concrete,
stone, bricks, slate, gravel, or some type of non
grass-growing material through-out my back yard. I don't mind the grass in the front yard, it's a
medium size stretch of lawn and looks real purty
with the house and all. But the back yard? Screw
it, I'm done spending hours on that sum-bitch just so the damn squirrels have a nice area to romp in and dig up anything I put out there!! And
before I forget, those critters are next!!! If anyone has any helpful hints on how to rid yourself of squirrels I'd be obliged, I'd just as
soon not kill 'em 'cause it ain't their fault that they're dumber than a 'this end up' tattoo on
a faggots ass!
I can put some green dye in concrete and make it look as purty as you please especially with all the plastic flowers and bushes I'll place hither and yon to take the place of the real ones leaving. Whooooooaaaaaa!!!! Wait just one minute here, what in the hell is this ad in the
local rag??
Hmmmmmmm, change of plans, I think that I'll hire
this new lawn care service. Their ad reads, " For a lush and lovely lawn use the lush & lovely
lawn care professionals at Almost Naked Lawn Service" and there's some mighty fine ladies in the picture working hard and by my estimate, real
professional like. Yeah, I'll see if they do trees, bushes and landscaping too, it'd be a shame to have one more new start-up company feel the bite of the Bush economy and so you could say
that it's my patriotic duty to hires these gals. I should have 'em do my neighbor's lawn too while
they're here so he don't have to call his great-
grandson over. Hell, that boy lives a good 1/2
mile from here, wasting too much expensive gas in coming over here to mow when there's already a
perfectly good lawn service here. Right?
Hot damn!!! I won't be complaining about grass growing anymore, and as a matter of fact, I think I'll start using Miracle Grow on it so it's cut twice a week, I hear that's better for your lawn altogether.

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