This IS NOT a AD!!!!  

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12/6/2005 1:17 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

This IS NOT a AD!!!!

While I was working I noticed that the powers that be have a little rider that states 'blogs that are advertisements are not allowed'
Hmmmmmmm, I guess they mean that if I were to own an electrical contracting business some where north of Kansas City along I-35 and perhaps a bit south of Betheny, and maybe west 30 miles from St. Joe, then I wouldn't want to tell folks that I,, the imaginary "voted best electric company for service" were extremely skilled, reasonable prices, and 30+ years of experience. Right? I wouldn't say those things I think?
Of course, if my, I mean the make believe electric company called itself, " Advance Electrical Contracting" and had all kinds of phone numbers that you could reach them at, nite or day, with 24 hours emergency service plus local references to ease folks minds about who they really want performing such important work, then it's imprudent to say, just in theory I remind you, that dialing eight one six six three two four six four two would be a violation of the 'code'. Does that make any sense? I'd think that the Suits would be looking to make more money and urge readers to contact, just an example mind you, eight one six two eight eight nine zero four five. After all, it's our money they collect and use to pay those censures to come up with crazy ass rules like that. Hmmmmmm, I suppose that it'd be nice if people using this site could count on a professional service company like Advance Electrical Company a small family operated business that would, I believe honestly , have a commercially owned enterprize that would handle the calls. But, it's not my place to rock the boat and I must make a disclaimer saying that, " any real or actual person, place of business or area in which property is owned and fuctioning under a legal title name, that may resemble the theoretical company here-in is totally coinencidental by nature and persons or businesses mentioned by the blogger are not real at this time."
Want to bet money that if WE paid this site, and the Media Com phone company says we're going to have to charge extra for service that is basisly there, but you can't use it unless we, the owners, get alot of money.
For some reason, that just doesn't seem right, as if SOMEONE wants their cake and eats it too!!!
I can't afford ad space even if someone scratched my company name on stall walls in women's restrooms, nor can I afford a damn cake.!! I try to stick to vagina for lunch and before dinner. No calories, low sodium or salt free, with a nice cherry flavor. So remember bloggers, NO ads allowed because those big shots all glad-handing, punch-drunk, and hi-fiving each other have really accomplished something because they kept a poor man down. Dammit!!! Ad space should be coming up for a couple other places I might afford. Alexia's Nook in the old downtown area of town here says that she's cutting prices up to 75% so maybe we meet there. As the Dog once said, " which way did he go? Which way did he go?" Bloggers Unite!!

electricbob3 63M
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12/7/2005 12:39 am

Fly, you're welcome about the free ad time, but that photo is of my mother, bless her heart. She's just a grand Irish great-grandmother who likes to play the lads from time to time. I can't blame her now that pops passed on you know? Must get lonely out there on the farm, hell ya can see that it's taken it's toll on me dear mum. She's worn to a frazzle she is and I'm told that she's even cancelled her Tuesday night Poker Game out of shear exhaustion. But you are encouraged to post your picture on any of my blogs Fly, and as a matter of fact, I believe I have a couple..........nah, those are for when my Cadillac Mick is ready for some Hand Jive Slick and just so I'm advertising a friend here, those photos are available absolutely free ( just send $59.99 shipping and handling )by CASH only to Bob, c/o Advance Electrical contractors, Cameron, MO. 64429/ Please folks, that is a mere joke and I can't tell you to send 59/99 to me for photos, and I told all who'd listen it's really $79:99 per set of photos. don't ask me how these hot pics came into my possession but the statue of limitations aren't up yet so the song remains the same...

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