The Killer That Got Away  

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6/25/2006 11:17 pm
The Killer That Got Away

He shot each one of them, two women and a man, one time, right between the eyes. The long barreled .22 caliber pistol which was his favorite, barely made a sound. The small bullets carried a lethal punch that he added to each one
for maximum damage where each one liter ly exploded upon impact with the target.
The three people never expected him to find them,
and had settled in as friends sharing a home in the small Ozark town on the Missouri-Arkansas border. It'd been over a year since they'd run
off and were all three working, meeting people who'd later claim to be friends, and enjoying a
sense of freedom and relief.
But, he'd found them, at 3 pm on a Saturday that
was warm with the smell of rain in the breeze. He walked right up to the door and knocked. Cindy had been in the kitchen putting away the
groceries she'd bought and answered the door with
her last thought being, "I haven't put the milk
away yet" and then died by the door. As Jerry ran out from the bedroom off of the living room
wondering what had made the gun sound he had 3
seconds of realization before his brain shut his
body down. Karrie was in the bathroom washing her hair and never heard either shot, or didn't
associate them with death. She actually had time to say "hello Max" when she saw him in the
mirror and felt the coldness of his stare scar
her once again before collapsing in a heap on the
bathroom floor.
He quickly moved thru the house, fired off 2 more
rounds, one into the floor by Jerry and one into
the kitchen clock after he'd made some adjustments to it's hands. He'd moved them forward to 8:20 pm, stopped there forever as a
testament to the time of death. The air conditioner was on but he turned the thermostat
down as low as it would go to keep the house cold. Locking up behind himself he slowly walked
to his car, started it, and sat waiting for the
rush of satisfaction to envelope him. I came, and he felt high, as if he'd just shot a good hit
of damn near pure coke.
He drove the speed limit but didn't make any stops or waste any time. He had to report to the
county jail in his home town for the weekend, his
5th weekend and only one more to go. He'd gotten
a DUI about 9 months earlier and even though it
was his first one the local law enforcement crowd
just wanted him in jail for something, since they
could never seem to pin any of their numerous
suspicions on him and were always left without any proof or witnesses willing to testify. So, it
came down to the 7 weekends in the county jail as
punishment and as always, they were happy to see
him when we report five minutes early, at 6 pm.
They stuck him in his regular cell where the two
snitches awaited in hopes that by befriending him
they'd gleam some confession of past crimes that
they could use to get their own offenses dismissed or reduced for their testimony. With-
out fail, Max was friendly, but never talked about anything except baseball, fishing, and whores.
A month later he was in the County Presiding Judges courtroom charged with an Extradition Warrant for 1st Degree Murder, 3 counts each, and
the Forensics Expert from the Arkansas State Police was on the stand attesting to the time of
death. Max's attorney hammered at the witness,
asking over and over again if he was perfectly
certain that the death occurred at 8:20 pm, or as
was quoted, "the three victims expired after 8 pm
and before 8:30 pm. After all the Arkansas witnesses were finished Max's lawyer called the
Head Jailer, Toby McGregor to the stand. After being sworn in to tell the truth, the whole truth
and nothing but the truth Max's mouth-piece asked
his credentials, and then the case breaker. "Ah,
Deputy McGregor were you working on Saturday evening on June 14th?" The Deputy affirmed that
he was indeed, filling in for a jailer who'd been
out with the flu. He also related how he'd process Max into the county jail at five minutes
before 6 pm that Saturday and confirmed the writing and signatures in the jail log book.
Before Max's attorney could even ask for a dismissal the Judge himself banged his gavel down and order it, with prejudice which meant that Max
couldn't be charged with it later. The men and two women from Arkansas walked out of the court-
room puzzled and stunned. They'd been certain
that they'd had the killer right. They'd presented two signed Grand Jury statements from
well-known organized crime insiders who swore that they were present when Max was given the hit. However, it appears as if some freelancer got a jump on Max and killed them before he did.
Yeah, that's probably what happened. Some up and
coming young punk, should of known that by the
wild shots inside the house, one in the floor and
the other that hit the clock. That shot confirmed the coroners time of death guess. The
liver temps were off because the house had been so cold which left the damaged clock as the key
to pinpointing it.
Max left the court house and quickly made it to his car before the reporters had figured out that he'd exited from the basement door off of the jail's kitchen where he cooked during his weekend stays. He now had the two names of the
men that'd signed the Grand Jury statements and
it was time to pay them a visit, time being the
key word here.

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